March 28, 2013

My Son's Frustration

My son Edmar had grown up without any inclination to music.  He is a frustrated singer and musician, I would say :).  He didn't had the opportunity to learn playing any musical instrument.  I still can very well remember during his primary school days that he once joined the school's drum and lyre group and plays a drum but guess what?  It didn't last long.  One day, he approached me and said, "Mom, I want to quit the group."  I was a bit surprised that time as I thought that he was really enjoying being part of that group.  But as a Mom, I could only support him on things that he enjoyed the most.  I don't want to imposed on him things that he wouldn't love to do.  I obliged to his request and that was the end of it.  Since then, he never touched any musical instrument again. Maybe, music is not really his forte unlike those other young boys his age who would always love to dance and play sound percussion.  But my son has been very good in academics and video film making and that is where he excelled most.  I've learned though that as parents, we shouldn't allow our kids to continue or to do what used to be our frustration when we were still kids.  They have their own distinct identities and uniqueness as well as their own passions.  The least that we could do is to support them and guide them in whatever path they wish to take.  

That's the least that parents could do for their children. :)

Little Marcus

Our newly adopted shih-tzu pet named Marcus is growing bigger and smart each day.  Should I say that he is my constant play mate during my month long vacation here in the Philippines?  He is very active and loves to play every single day.  He is so sweet and my daughter loves to cuddle him every time they are together.  He is beginning to be the "star in the house" as everybody including hubby is really very fond of him.  He always got the opportunity to join us visiting places.  In fact, he and Lucio (our other shih-tzu pet) had joined us yesterday for our whole day picnic and swimming in a resort nearby.

Now, he is an added reason why I would like to stay longer at home.  I would be missing him and Lucio a lot once I returned back to job soon. :(

Top Tips for Trouble-Free Long Term Travel

When you are planning a gap year abroad, worldwide travel, backpacking or just an extended break or sabbatical you need to take extra caution all the way from planning your trip, packing your bags and safety measures for while you’re away. This post explores these factors and more so that you can go away on longer trips without increased worry.

Keep it simply, keep it safe

Planning in advance will mean that when you are taking in the sights you have very little to think about other than your own enjoyment and life experiences. There are many key planning areas where by keeping it simple you can save both time and money. 

Firstly, when getting your travel insurance narrow your search area down to specific niches. If you are gap year travelling get gap year travel insurance from a specialist provider, if you are travelling as a couple look for couples travel insurance – you get the drift.

Set your budget by day, by destination and by essentials

Having a clear idea of budget and saving money to cover both expected budget and a contingency plan is crucial for long term travel. Be as precise as possible and pre book the most expensive activities early as this can save you money and save the hassle of last minute expenses (and carrying excessive cash) when travelling.

The more you can pre book and pay now the less you will have to concern yourself with when you travel. 

Setting an expected daily budget is a great way to ensure the last few days or weeks of your experience are not tainted with hunger pains and lack of shelter. This also gets you into the mind set early on that you have ‘X-amount’ to spend per day and going over this means that you have less to spend tomorrow but by budgeting some cheaper days can lead to lavish days too.

It’s not what you know it’s what you wear

Packing the odd luxury clothing is fine but if you are planning on a long trip you will need to be realistic about the types of clothing and the quantity of clothing that you take with you – this is even more so important if you are back packing as you will be carrying these items with you most of the time.

Ask yourself do I need this item, can I do without it, is it cheap to buy where I’m going? 

You know what clothes are comfy and what clothes are practical – listen to your inner voice at this stage and if you are telling yourself ‘I want to wear this but I don’t know where or when I will be able to’ – leave this item at home. Worst case scenario you can always buy something special on your journeys and at least then it acts as souvenir, personal treat and essential clothing at the time

Travel-obsessive Elizabeth Smythe writes this post on behalf of travel insurer 24/7 Travel Insurance. Read more about the company on Twitter @247insurance and on their website.

March 24, 2013

Looking Back

Time flies so fast! I still can very well remember those days when my daughter was just starting in primary school.  She was so active then in extra curricular activities.  She had joined the school's drum and lyre group, band and even tried for a while enrolling in a violin class. She was so active then and full of life at her young age and this made me really proud of her.  I was a bit astonished the first time she told me that she wanted to learn playing the violin.  I admired her enthusiasm.  I was never active in any music related activities during my younger years and I was surprised that she likes playing various musical instruments.  I don't even know what a violin bow looks like and my daughter had already started playing the violin at a tender age. Really surprising!

Now, she had just graduated from secondary school and her interest in music still remains.  I wish she will continue her passion and develop her talents.  That's what a Mom could honestly wish for her growing child.  

March 14, 2013

Goodies I Received From Family

I was finally home last Tuesday night after more than 3 hrs trip from Bangkok.  Hubby and my daughter Mika picked me up from the airport as I arrived past 11 PM already.  Upon reaching home, I was surprised to see that I have some goodies from hubby, son and daughter. The one that I got from my son and daughter were actually their Christmas presents to me while the ones from hubby are his "pasalubong" as he is also  on vacation now. I was never expecting to receive anything from them so, it was a pleasant surprise for me.

From hubby

From my daughter Mika

From my son Edmar

Thank you dearies! These are all wonderful stuff for me. You all know what I love most and that is pampering myself with skin care products, perfumes and eating chocolates while reading my favorite edition of Good Housekeeping mag. :)

March 10, 2013

Cleaning Up!

Since, I'll finally be home tomorrow, I couldn't help but feel excited to see home again.  Most probably they have done some general cleaning. in the house.  Owning your own home is not also easy as you must see to it that the house is properly maintained.  That's why we're trying to have a complete set of handyman tools  for emergency fixes.  I wish to buy all those basic stuff to complete our tool box.  Have to get some concrete nails, screw, nuts and bolts, hoist rings, etc.  Anyway, hubby is there to get that thing done.

Anyway, have to pause for now as I'm not yet done packing my things for tomorrow's flight.  See you around soon. 


Staff Party

We just had our staff party concluded last Friday.  It was not really that exciting but it was also not that boring. There's no drinking and dancing.  We just had a very nice dinner organized by moi. :)  I had a good selection of dishes which everybody tremendously enjoyed.  Had some sea foods, steam fish in lemon sauce, fried chicken in honey, noodles, fried rice, french fries, fish and chips, etc.  I think I over estimated the foods as there were still few dishes left untouched when the party ended.  I wanted to eat more that night but I'm really very full.  I did not eat much rice and noodles but I had a fair share of fried shrimps with garlic, chicken and fish.  Here, take a look :)

Overall the party was good, we had some lucky draw but we have to win the prize by playing some kind of dart game.  I got three new USB stick for my prize.  Cool!

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