March 10, 2013

Cleaning Up!

Since, I'll finally be home tomorrow, I couldn't help but feel excited to see home again.  Most probably they have done some general cleaning. in the house.  Owning your own home is not also easy as you must see to it that the house is properly maintained.  That's why we're trying to have a complete set of handyman tools  for emergency fixes.  I wish to buy all those basic stuff to complete our tool box.  Have to get some concrete nails, screw, nuts and bolts, hoist rings, etc.  Anyway, hubby is there to get that thing done.

Anyway, have to pause for now as I'm not yet done packing my things for tomorrow's flight.  See you around soon. 


1 comment:

  1. bakit parang mas excited ka sa home kesa sa kids? hehehe. cant wait to hear updates na pinas na ang tinutuntungan mo sis! ingat!


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