March 24, 2013

Looking Back

Time flies so fast! I still can very well remember those days when my daughter was just starting in primary school.  She was so active then in extra curricular activities.  She had joined the school's drum and lyre group, band and even tried for a while enrolling in a violin class. She was so active then and full of life at her young age and this made me really proud of her.  I was a bit astonished the first time she told me that she wanted to learn playing the violin.  I admired her enthusiasm.  I was never active in any music related activities during my younger years and I was surprised that she likes playing various musical instruments.  I don't even know what a violin bow looks like and my daughter had already started playing the violin at a tender age. Really surprising!

Now, she had just graduated from secondary school and her interest in music still remains.  I wish she will continue her passion and develop her talents.  That's what a Mom could honestly wish for her growing child.  

1 comment:

  1. Ang galing! Is she pursuing for music course teh? with all her talents I think she'd be very well fit to take music as a course!


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