March 28, 2013

My Son's Frustration

My son Edmar had grown up without any inclination to music.  He is a frustrated singer and musician, I would say :).  He didn't had the opportunity to learn playing any musical instrument.  I still can very well remember during his primary school days that he once joined the school's drum and lyre group and plays a drum but guess what?  It didn't last long.  One day, he approached me and said, "Mom, I want to quit the group."  I was a bit surprised that time as I thought that he was really enjoying being part of that group.  But as a Mom, I could only support him on things that he enjoyed the most.  I don't want to imposed on him things that he wouldn't love to do.  I obliged to his request and that was the end of it.  Since then, he never touched any musical instrument again. Maybe, music is not really his forte unlike those other young boys his age who would always love to dance and play sound percussion.  But my son has been very good in academics and video film making and that is where he excelled most.  I've learned though that as parents, we shouldn't allow our kids to continue or to do what used to be our frustration when we were still kids.  They have their own distinct identities and uniqueness as well as their own passions.  The least that we could do is to support them and guide them in whatever path they wish to take.  

That's the least that parents could do for their children. :)

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