March 10, 2013

Staff Party

We just had our staff party concluded last Friday.  It was not really that exciting but it was also not that boring. There's no drinking and dancing.  We just had a very nice dinner organized by moi. :)  I had a good selection of dishes which everybody tremendously enjoyed.  Had some sea foods, steam fish in lemon sauce, fried chicken in honey, noodles, fried rice, french fries, fish and chips, etc.  I think I over estimated the foods as there were still few dishes left untouched when the party ended.  I wanted to eat more that night but I'm really very full.  I did not eat much rice and noodles but I had a fair share of fried shrimps with garlic, chicken and fish.  Here, take a look :)

Overall the party was good, we had some lucky draw but we have to win the prize by playing some kind of dart game.  I got three new USB stick for my prize.  Cool!

1 comment:

  1. hope to see party pictures and your nice smiles here.....its nice that you enjoyed your party.


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