April 11, 2013

Decorating Your Homes This Summer

When I was at home last month, I had the opportunity to enjoy summer at it's best.  Having dinner outside, watching movies, swimming and shopping were some of our activities. But despite of the hectic schedule, I never failed to look after our home and made sure it was spotless! :)  I've done a massive clean up and some organizing jobs.  During the process, I was also thinking of some ways to conserve the energy.  You know, like cutting on electricity bills as air conditioning unit is always on as it was really very hot. I thought of putting off lights when not really needed.  One of the ways to do it is to use some curtains that could get natural lights to come inside the house easily.  I've tried to find burlap drapes as I was told that 100% Jute burlap curtains create a natural look and allows some sunlight to get through the house easily.  Aside from that I also love it's earth tone colors!  So natural.

Burlap drapes can give a beautiful, casual and romantic look to your homes.  try it!  

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