April 10, 2013

Experiencing Boodle Fight At Our Home Sweet Home

One of the highlights of my vacation in the Philippines was enjoying Filipino foods once again.  I would admit, I missed eating to my hearts content!  Of course, I do eat some here at Cambodia but I wouldn't deny that I long for the good selection of Filipino foods.  It's a good thing that hubby was also at home and the fact he loves to cook and eat made our food trips even more exciting.  One of our visits to Harbor Point (Ayala mall) had led us to a restaurant offering boodle style of dining.  It was a pleasant experience and most of all, it was fun and we've enjoyed a lot!  This is precisely the reason why we suddenly thought of trying it at home.  We love to experience the fun once again. :)

Hubby and kids prepared the foods and table set up for our boodle fight at home.  I didn't do anything (hahaha!). I think that time, I was busy blogging and besides they wanted to surprise me. (*winks*).  I really ate a lot that day and it was really a good bonding time with the whole family.  My Mom, and our house helper "Ate Elsa" enjoyed as much and we all shared the same idea of doing it more often.  That is when I am in the Philippines.

For now, I am just happy enough to reminisce our boodle fight experience at home.  Best of all, Ate Elsa felt delighted that she didn't have plates and utensils to wash (lol).

In fairness, sarap talagang magkamay!

Are you also having boodle fight at home? :)


  1. Wow! Ang sarap naman nyan. I have never experienced eating like that but I will agree with you masarap kumain ng nakakamay. Hehe. At wala nga naman hugasin :)

    Mommy Maye

    1. Try mo Sis, gaganahan ka kumain and enjoy talaga. Can do it every weekends. :) Less hugasin pa.

  2. It look and sounds good to experience boodle fight but I hope to experience it someday soon. I agree with you dear masarap talaga kumain ng nakakamay. Sigh! nakakamiss tuloy :). Musta na?


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