May 31, 2013

How to Start Up a Business

Ever thought of having your own business in the future? If so, this post might help you on how to start it up.
There are plenty of businesses where you can invest your money with. Either have it in finance industry such as forex, lending and many more or come up with a small and good business like mini shop of a certain field and so.  However, in terms of investing, it is really important to know first what are the advantages and disadvantages of digging into this. In this way, you would know what the risk factors are and for you to decide either to proceed or not.

When it comes to starting up a business, always remember the important factors you should have before putting your dream business into real.

Planning is one of the factors you should never miss. In terms of putting business into action, planning is really the first important you should never forget. The purpose of this is for you to know what are the things needed to be prepared of and other stuff to know. Aside from that, it is also important to come up with a strong decision in building up your plans. This is to help you not to risk everything you’re going to invest in the future that instantly. Thus, always make sure to plan out everything first before deciding either to have it or not.
Right after you come up with your plans and decision in setting up everything, it’s also important to have enough funds to use for its output. Thus, it is also important to be financially stable in order to come up with a satisfying result of your plans. Not really that you need to be financially stable but at least you have enough funds to fulfill your business’ needs.

Of course, aside from these, it is also important to have a strong attitude to business as you will be the one to handle and take good care of it especially that you are still at the starting point of your business. Either big or small business you have in your mind, always remember the four important factors in building it up. 

May 28, 2013


You're My Destiny's Photo

For the past few weeks, I'm having a kind of feeling that's very difficult to explain.  I'm feeling sad and low and every time I get back to my room from a day's work, there's that feeling of emptiness within me.  Could it be that everything in my life is becoming a routine?  I'm feeling bored perhaps!   

Every night before I sleep, I found myself praying and asking for God's guidance.  I'm praying that God will enlighten me and brings me to where my happiness is.  Every time I need a decision in life, I always resort to prayers and I would say that God never fails me.  

To be honest, I'm feeling like I am inside a large canvas without anything on the background.  I feel so empty and at lost.  I actually hate this feeling as I used to be a tough person.  I used to achieve what I planned and I survived a number of difficulties in life from the simplest to the most complex.  

But I'm only human, it's alright to be weak at times, right?  

Perhaps, I'm missing a lot..... things that I used to do before or people that I used to be with or perhaps, I could no longer find the passion from what I'm doing or I just wanted a break from the environment and people that surrounds me.

If you were in the same situation before, perhaps you could drop me a line?

I hope I'll soon get over this feeling and be back in shape.... in time.

May 23, 2013

15 Things to Explore in London During Your Winter Trip

Many of you may believe that winter is not the ideal time to visit London since it gets too cold and dark early. However, there is a lot to do for those who are visiting London in winter months. Plan a trip to London this winter and explore the amazing sightseeing options suitable for colder days.

Book your stay at one of the family hotels in London and expect discounts on these accommodations due to lesser visitors’ ratio. Here are some recommended attractions for you to explore while staying in London:

Historic Pubs

Although the whole country is popular for wonderful range of pubs, London possesses some of the most historic and oldest pubs in London. Due to the location beside the river, the capital city used to be the trading centre. This is the reason many pubs came up. Are of Soho is ideal to initiate exploring of these historic pubs.

Sightseeing Bus

There may be times when you wish to explore the city but do not feel like venturing outdoors. You can simply hop on one of the tour buses in London and come across some of the most iconic landmarks of London while sitting inside the warmth and listening to the guide in desired language.

Madame Tussaud

Renowned for its wax statues with appearances better than the real life, Madame Tussaud usually replaces the existing statues with the latest celebrities. There is also a coffee shop to end your visit to this famous London attraction.

 Cinema Premieres
Very often the world premieres take place at Leicester Square lying in the heart of West End. The movie stars themselves appear to promote their latest movies. Fans queue up for hours to have a look at their favourite stars. Although, winter is not the nest time of the year to queue up but if you are around the area, why not take a chance and hop over for a look. You can also enjoy a 3D movie at IMAX.


As Paris is renowned for its cabarets and Hollywood for its Sunset Boulevard, London is famous for its theatres. Pick a theatre show or musical act you would like to watch. You could even start by choosing your theatre first from a selection of popular theatres in London like Shaftesbury Theatre, London Palladium, Theatre Royal, Apollo Theatre and Royal Opera House are a few to name.



A wide range of museums often makes you spoilt for choice and single day is not sufficient to watch them all since most of them are free to enter. Whether you are culture vulture or science nerd, you have a lot for choice to select your type of museum to visit. The British Museum if the largest of all and it surely takes a week you want to explore its entire collection of almost eight million works.


You are sure to be busy for half a day or more if you visit Greenwich, which is a sweet little nook in capital city. With its own hill, museum called National Maritime Museum, ship called Cutty Sark and observatory along with shops and market, the place often takes visitors’ heart away.

London Eye

The enclosed capsules of London Eye are comfortable to enjoy London skyline from a height of 135m during winters. Get in one of the capsules and view the city with leisure. You can even try out capsule of your own with champagne.

Fairs and Christmas Markets

If you are planning your travel during Yule Time, several fairs and Christmas Markets await you. Go out and indulge in shopping or enjoy thrilling rides. Hyde Park hosts Winter Wonderland every year.


The River Thames

How can you miss the visit the longest river the United Kingdom if you are in London? There is a lot to do on River Thames ranging from canoeing, eating out beside it, boozing at pubs near the river and much more.

Chelsea Stadium

Why not take a guided tour of the home stadium of Chelsea FC if you are one of those lovers of the club. If you have London Pass, this is free for you.


If you want to experience a ride in a train without a driver, The Docklands Light Railway is something you should not miss. With just a ticket inspector responsible for opening and closing of the doors too, DLR gives a ride intro the Canary Wharf area. At the same time, the tracks running high above the ground give you wonderful views of the roads beneath.

Westminster Parliament

Westminster Parliament is the seat of the government of England where the laws are made. You can visit the parliament and watch the session live.

Shopping in Winters

London offers a range of markets and venues to shop. Harrods and Selfridges are the most popular department stores and other too welcome you with great warmth.

New Year Fireworks

If you are in London on the last day of the year, New Year’s Eve fireworks are sure to fascinate you. Millions of people gather at Waterloo Bridge, South Bank or Victoria Embankment to relish music and beautiful colours of amazing fireworks.

Explore all these 15 things to do in London for your winter trip and relish the trip for years to come.

Erica is a travel writer working with as an associate writer too. She writes about London sightseeing and attractions for the travellers who book a stay at London hotels and looking for assistance on their trip.

May 13, 2013

How Important is Time Management?

Last Sunday, I received Mother's Day greetings from my family. I received text messages from my daughter as early as midnight and my son and hubby greeted me the following day. Hubby has been calling me a number of times, but I wasn't able to pick up the call as I was on duty at the office and I would normally keep my CP inside my locker. Nonetheless, he was able to leave messages for me.

One of his messages read, "I was thankful to the Lord that you are the mother of my children as they grew up to be intelligent, kind, and loving children."

My husband gives the credit to me for bringing up my children well. This is so because he was away from home for a long time and just having a month or 2 months vacation in a year. I am also working away from home for the last six years but I was with my children during their growing up years. He was very pleased on how he sees our children. He couldn't find anything to complain about them. They are both disciplined, God fearing, responsible and loving children, apart from the fact they are both achievers in school and constantly bringing medals at home. I guess, we couldn't ask for more. :)

I feel very happy every time I get complimented for raising my children well. My friends and relatives are really amazed at how disciplined they are, despite of the fact that me and my husband are both out of the country for work. They could very well spend a lot of time with their friends, go out of the house without asking permission and not concentrate well on their studies but all these nightmares didn't happen to them. My colleagues and staff at work would normally expressed their admiration whenever they heard that my children are sending messages to me asking for a permission to go out with friends even only for 3 hours. Yes! that's how disciplined they are. One even commented that her son never even asked permission at times even she is in the house with them. How much more if she is not around. I was a disciplinarian, that's a fact. But I always shower my kids with bountiful blessings to reward them for their good deeds and for not bringing me any problem. I guess the key to that success is effective time management.

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It is often being said that Moms are super heroes as they can perform everything with just a little time. Yes, that's what makes Moms unique. If you would only know how busy I am with all the things that I am engaged with, then probably you would ask me how I managed to do things with just a very little time. But yes, I managed my time well and I am mighty proud of it.

Working full time with a big responsibility at work, running several blogs, running a small business, dealing with our tenant, managing the household expenses and keeping in touch with my family is a big responsibility. I am not physically present but I give instructions to them on a regular basis.  I also help them with their home works and research papers in school when needed.  I write their speeches, literary pieces and give them moral support in school competitions.  I was never absent during recognition days and graduation even if it means taking the first flight and staying in the Philippines for just 6 days, just to be physically present on the important milestones in their lives.

I manage my time effectively by keeping a journal of my daily activities.  I make a fixed monthly budget and allocate enough funds for it.  I do multitasking most of the time.  Imagine living abroad alone?  I don't have someone to wash and iron my clothes, I don't have someone to cook my foods.  I shop for my own foods and grocery supplies, clean my own room, wash my dishes and cook my own foods.  Busy...busy life.  I am writing posts in my blogs while I am doing the laundry.  I set my sleeping hours.  Put an alarm so I could wake up on time and do my daily tasks as scheduled.  I boil the spaghetti noodles while I check my email.  Listen to an audio book while ironing my clothes and chat with my kids while having a snack and do my hair spa while mopping the floor.  I send instructions to my kids through emails.  Coach them by sending viber messages and stalk on their facebook accounts without them knowing it, just to see how they are each day.

Do I still have time for relaxation?  Yes I have!  I'm still able to watch my favorite "teleserye" and some of my favorite TV programs through the internet,  go for a massage, mani and pedi and do occasional shopping.  Sometimes, I couldn't notice the passing of each day.  I'm busy but I am loving the idea because I am productive and I am able to accomplish a lot of things.  Effective time management is essential and for me this is very important tool  in achieving my goals both at home and at work. :)

How about you? Do you practice time management, too?

5 Ways We Should Be More Like Our Preschoolers

There is nothing like being around a preschooler to make you lighten up and have a laugh. They are so free with their feelings and opinions and don't have a care in the world. There are many things we can take away from them, and these are my top 5.

The love a young child has for everyone and everything (except maybe their greens) is so admirable. They trust everyone around them. They are open to loving and being kind to everyone they meet. Realistically, we shouldn't trust everyone and everything, but we have become so skeptical of everything in this world we are scarred because of it. Say hello to the lady behind you in the grocery store checkout line. Take the hand of the elderly person crossing the road next to you and help them out. More than anything, SHOW love to your family and friends - we are not guaranteed tomorrow.

I googled the definition of innocence, and one definition was "lack of guile or corruption; purity." This is the essence of young children - their purity before everyone else's opinions and meanness begins to affect them. They look at everything in the world in such simplicity and appreciate the little things - sunshine, laughter, a 99 cent ice cream cone. My kids have helped me look at the things I so often pass by without realizing and help me appreciate the simple beauty in every day life.

Have Fun
There is nothing like climbing up a 20 foot inflatable slide and bouncing your way to the bottom to bring out that belly laugh in all of us. We as adults can get so wrapped up in the daily grind we go many days or weeks in a row without a real gut-wrenching laugh. Go down the slide at the park with your kid. Have a dance-off with your little guy in the living room to a great Pandora station. I guarantee you won't be able to keep your laughter in, and you will remember these times when they grow up.

I don't know about you, but I feel like I say "wait just a minute" and "hold on" no less than 100 times every day. Yes, your child should learn to wait and be patient in most situations, but we should also realize that many times what we are doing truly can wait. I have learned that my laundry will always be there and the dishes will continue piling up, but my kiddos will only be young for a very short season. We need to take advantage of these days when they think we hung the moon and actually want more than anything to spend time with us. We can do this by becoming more spontaneous every once in a while. Say yes to them at least once a day when you think you are busy to play a game or read a book with them. Carry that over to your spouse and friends as well - say yes when your spouse calls you last minute asking if you can go out for dinner that night just the two of you. Say yes when your friends invite you out for coffee or dessert. Life is short - take advantage of every opportunity.

I love the honesty of preschoolers. They have no filters! My son told his grandma before when she really did her makeup for a concert that he didn't like her "black eyes" - his name for her smokey eye makeup. He also freely told me one day at the grocery store not caring who was listening, "Mom, I love you, and you are my sweet girl." You never wonder where a young child stands in their opinion or view of you. We make so much effort teaching them how to use their words instead of whining and pitching a fit, when in fact that is what we as adults do a lot of times in our own way. We would all be much more at peace if we just used our words in a kind way to communicate with everyone around us instead of bottling things up and holding grudges.

Please comment below with positive ways your preschooler has changed your outlook on life.

About the author: Karen is a writer for Smith Security's home security systems in Dallas. She can be found dancing terribly with no reserves in her living room with her four year old son to Katy Perry's "Firework".

May 7, 2013

A Philly Adventure for Your Sweet Tooth

Sure, Philadelphia is a great city for historical sites and architectural treasures, but it's also ideal for gorging on sweets. The City of Brotherly Love loves its confections, and a trip to the city is enriched by visits to confectioneries and ice cream shops. Benjamin Franklin, Philadelphia's most famous resident, may have warned people not to "live to eat," but most likely he would have approved of a Philly ice cream and candy tour.

Ice cream sundae

Lore's Chocolates

You might start your sugary adventure at Lore's Chocolates, owned by father and son chocolatiers Tony Walter Sr. and Tony Walter Jr. Their factory and store on Wyoming Avenue is where they make a majority of their treats. Here you'll find delectable buttercreams, chocolate-covered pretzels, and takeout espresso. Lore's also makes personalized chocolates for weddings, and hosts birthday parties in which kids can tour the assembly line. Every Palm Sunday, the shop holds an open house, which includes an opportunity for customers to make their own chocolate eggs, and a special appearance by the Easter Bunny himself.

Shane Candies

Shane Candies has been open since 1876, making it one of the oldest candy shops in the United States. Located on Market Street, it's carried the "Shane" name since 1911, when Edward Shane purchased it. Two more generations of Shanes operated this business, and then it was sold to brothers Eric and Ryan Berley in 2010. The Berleys restored the building, and today it houses an array of antiques, including marble counters, brass scales and copper kettles. If you're adventuresome, try the chocolate-covered bacon.

Franklin Fountain

The Berleys also own Franklin Fountain, a couple doors down the street from Shane. Like Shane, the interior of Franklin Fountain might make you feel as though you've gone back in time, right down to the wrought-iron chairs. Since it debuted in 2004, Franklin has served homemade ice cream and egg creams. Their banana splits feature five scoops of ice cream, and come in antique dishes.

Bassett's Ice Cream

For its part, Bassett's Ice Cream has been a fixture at the Reading Terminal since 1893. You can buy Bassett's ice cream in other locations, but for a true Philadelphia experience, you must sit at the marble counter inside the crowded marketplace to savor your float or sundae. By the way, the Bassett family still runs this shop.

Scoop DeVille

Scoop DeVille can be pricey, but its flavors and ice cream combinations are highly creative. The shop mixes ingredients into its sundaes which are not often used in ice cream parlors, including breakfast cereals, graham crackers, granola, nutmeg, wasabi powder and Nutella. In April 2013, after years on Chestnut Street, Scoop DeVille closed that facility to move to a new home.

Capogiro Gelato

If you prefer gelato to ice cream, Capogiro Gelato is a must. Stephanie and John Reitano were vacationing in Italy, where John hails from, and enjoying the local gelato when they decided to open their own shop in the United States. Stephanie prides herself on obtaining the ingredients for her gelato from farms in the Philadelphia area. Each day's batch is made fresh in the morning, too, and the shop offers seasonal treats as well as year-round favorites.

Chloe's Corner

Chloe's Corner is inviting from first glance – painted bright white, with a colorful awning and an outdoor seating area. It might be tiny, but its delicacies include peanut butter swirl, a local favorite, as well as water ice. Water ice is a frozen treat that's free of fat, a perfect option for anyone who's lactose intolerant. Note that this shop only accepts cash if you buy something for less than ten dollars.

Kevin Caldwell is the owner of Philadelphia Airport Hotel Guides, which helps people find hotel conveniently located to the Philadelphia airport. Kevin often writes about places to go and tips about travel.

May 4, 2013

Gifts For Men

Giving gifts to men is not an easy task as there are limited choices available as compared to women.  Normally we would be giving shirts, polos, wallets, leather belts, watches and perfumes but apart from these,   it would be very hard to choose a special gift that would be worth finding and spending.  Some of my colleagues used to give boxes of blunt cigars for their Dads and male relatives but I haven't tried it though.  I guess, a bottle of wine would be more appropriate for Bosses or some family elders. A good choice of neck tie would also do.  However, it all depends on the personality of the person receiving the gift.  That's why it is best to know what their hobbies are as well as their life style.  That could very well guide us in choosing the best gift for them. 

Father's day is soon approaching and perhaps we should start finding a perfect gift for the men in our life.  But it would soon be Mother's Day, should I be looking for a gift for myself, too? (lol)
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