May 13, 2013

5 Ways We Should Be More Like Our Preschoolers

There is nothing like being around a preschooler to make you lighten up and have a laugh. They are so free with their feelings and opinions and don't have a care in the world. There are many things we can take away from them, and these are my top 5.

The love a young child has for everyone and everything (except maybe their greens) is so admirable. They trust everyone around them. They are open to loving and being kind to everyone they meet. Realistically, we shouldn't trust everyone and everything, but we have become so skeptical of everything in this world we are scarred because of it. Say hello to the lady behind you in the grocery store checkout line. Take the hand of the elderly person crossing the road next to you and help them out. More than anything, SHOW love to your family and friends - we are not guaranteed tomorrow.

I googled the definition of innocence, and one definition was "lack of guile or corruption; purity." This is the essence of young children - their purity before everyone else's opinions and meanness begins to affect them. They look at everything in the world in such simplicity and appreciate the little things - sunshine, laughter, a 99 cent ice cream cone. My kids have helped me look at the things I so often pass by without realizing and help me appreciate the simple beauty in every day life.

Have Fun
There is nothing like climbing up a 20 foot inflatable slide and bouncing your way to the bottom to bring out that belly laugh in all of us. We as adults can get so wrapped up in the daily grind we go many days or weeks in a row without a real gut-wrenching laugh. Go down the slide at the park with your kid. Have a dance-off with your little guy in the living room to a great Pandora station. I guarantee you won't be able to keep your laughter in, and you will remember these times when they grow up.

I don't know about you, but I feel like I say "wait just a minute" and "hold on" no less than 100 times every day. Yes, your child should learn to wait and be patient in most situations, but we should also realize that many times what we are doing truly can wait. I have learned that my laundry will always be there and the dishes will continue piling up, but my kiddos will only be young for a very short season. We need to take advantage of these days when they think we hung the moon and actually want more than anything to spend time with us. We can do this by becoming more spontaneous every once in a while. Say yes to them at least once a day when you think you are busy to play a game or read a book with them. Carry that over to your spouse and friends as well - say yes when your spouse calls you last minute asking if you can go out for dinner that night just the two of you. Say yes when your friends invite you out for coffee or dessert. Life is short - take advantage of every opportunity.

I love the honesty of preschoolers. They have no filters! My son told his grandma before when she really did her makeup for a concert that he didn't like her "black eyes" - his name for her smokey eye makeup. He also freely told me one day at the grocery store not caring who was listening, "Mom, I love you, and you are my sweet girl." You never wonder where a young child stands in their opinion or view of you. We make so much effort teaching them how to use their words instead of whining and pitching a fit, when in fact that is what we as adults do a lot of times in our own way. We would all be much more at peace if we just used our words in a kind way to communicate with everyone around us instead of bottling things up and holding grudges.

Please comment below with positive ways your preschooler has changed your outlook on life.

About the author: Karen is a writer for Smith Security's home security systems in Dallas. She can be found dancing terribly with no reserves in her living room with her four year old son to Katy Perry's "Firework".


  1. Kids ways are very admirable and adult can surely learn the simplest of things from them. I admire them too for their persistence especially when they want something.

  2. It is true, adults should re-learn and maintain the characteristics of children.


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