May 4, 2013

Gifts For Men

Giving gifts to men is not an easy task as there are limited choices available as compared to women.  Normally we would be giving shirts, polos, wallets, leather belts, watches and perfumes but apart from these,   it would be very hard to choose a special gift that would be worth finding and spending.  Some of my colleagues used to give boxes of blunt cigars for their Dads and male relatives but I haven't tried it though.  I guess, a bottle of wine would be more appropriate for Bosses or some family elders. A good choice of neck tie would also do.  However, it all depends on the personality of the person receiving the gift.  That's why it is best to know what their hobbies are as well as their life style.  That could very well guide us in choosing the best gift for them. 

Father's day is soon approaching and perhaps we should start finding a perfect gift for the men in our life.  But it would soon be Mother's Day, should I be looking for a gift for myself, too? (lol)

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