June 25, 2013

A Look at Some Popular Correction Colors

Makeup colors play a vital role in determining the success of a makeover regime. Your makeup complements your personality while the makeup colors you choose complement your features. Needless to say, it is very important to get your makeup colors right.

You use different shades of makeup colors to make your complexion look flawless. These colors even out your skin tone. Correction colors are used to counteract the impact of a particular set of colors.

How correction colors work

A correction color is used to counteract a particular unwanted color in your skin tone. The counter color is based on the concept of complementary colors. Addition of one color negates the effect of another color. In the present context, a correction color complementary to the undesirable color in your skin tone is added to make your complexion even and flawless.
  • Using green over red
Many people have redness problems due to rashes or acne. Green is the complementary color to red. However, you need to blend green into your red undertones properly; otherwise, it will look very odd.

When you use a very mild green color over reddish complexion, your complexion looks subtle and even. The redness is gone and you are left with a cool skin undertone.
  • Using peach or salmon over blue
Many people suffer from dark circles beneath the eyes. These dark circles could be due to improper nutrition, lack of sleep, depression or hereditary causes. These dark circles have a bluish undertone. The complementary color of blue is orange.

If you have a fair complexion, you can use a peach colored shade. If you have a dark complexion, you should opt for a salmon shaded color for your dark circles. The use of peach or salmon color over dark or bluish dark circles makes the dark circles less prominent and makes your complexion even.
  • Using purple over yellow
Some people have pale, yellowish skin tone, which might be due to malnutrition or prolonged sickness. There can also be yellowish patches and bruises left from critical injuries. The best way to overcome the yellowish tone is to use lavender or a purple shaded correction color. A purple color for the entire face will take away the yellowish tinge from your complexion.

Experiment with makeup

Makeup is all about experimentation. Unless you experiment, you will never know what looks best on you or what suits your complexion. Women are gracious enough to carry almost any makeup with elegance. You only need to take care of the color combinations, color corrections as well as the color intensity.

JudyLulu has been trying to live in the lipstick jungle for years. She loves cosmetics, and wants to find new ways in order to stay young and beautiful.

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