June 28, 2013

Free Concert

I've noticed that there are lots of free concerts being shown on the malls.  The last time I was on vacation with hubby, we tried to see one at a mall nearby.  Hubby said the artist is one of his favorites so just to please him, me and our two kids accompanied him to see the concert with the intention of escaping later with my daughter to see a movie (lol).  Guess what? The plan didn't turned out well as we just get annoyed with the quality of the sound system.  Could it be that it's free that's why they have chosen to use a cheaper and lousy sound system?  Probably yes.  Anyhow, I told hubby to leave the concert and find other things to do at the mall.  The concert didn't entertain us at all.  Should they use classic boss pedals at guitar center, things should had been different. :)

But speaking of concerts, what I wish to attend is actually a sort of dinner concert where I could have a close encounter with the artist over a scrumptious dinner.  That would be fun!  Well, I wish that I could fulfill that soon.  I'll be the happiest if ever. :)

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