July 31, 2013

Health Tips

Just want to share these health tips with you.  I was guilty of doing these in the past and sometimes even up to now.  Some things also are quite hard to follow especially taking heavy meals after 5PM as I used to have night shifts at work and to regain stamina, we have to take heavy meals.  Others are manageable though.  But following these tips won't hurt. :)

July 29, 2013

Investing a Business- The Best Way to Get Success

Investing a business is one of the best ways to let your money grow. It also helps individuals start saving their financial needs in the future. Companies in other hand also get benefits from investors. And one of it is the financial needs they need. That’s why most of companies nowadays allow small investors to invest in their business program.

Binary Options are just one of the businesses available for small investors to invest with these days. Due to its affordable capital of investment, no wonder why it is being chosen as one of the ideal businesses for investors especially to those who are still starting in the industry to try. Aside from that, return of investment is guaranteed in here too. All you just have to do is to bid and predict the value of an asset it may reach in order for you to win. Apparently, if you don’t win you will of course lose the money you have bid. But eventually, it rarely happens especially if you are good at analyzing. Binary Options have graphs available which investors could use as reference to help them win in the bidding.

Meanwhile, in choosing a business to invest it’s really important to know the benefits you can get and at the same time the possible risks you could also face before lending your trust to them. This will help you decide on which one to choose for. Moreover, it’s also helpful in decision making if you consider of reading reviews about the company’s background and other information online or offline. This contributes insights and suggestions if should you proceed in investing into a specific business or not.

It’s not that necessary to check a company’s credibility though. However, investing is not just lending your money but as well your identity and other information are at risk. But nevertheless, the choice is still in yours. 

Good News For Chocolate Lovers

Are you fond of eating chocolates? If your answer is yes, then you have a reason to celebrate! Chocolates especially the dark variety have health benefits too. But again, as what I normally say, eat everything in moderation.

The following are the health benefits that we could derive in chocolates:

1.  Chocolates improve the body's immune system.
2.  Chocolates can lower blood pressure.
3.  Chocolates improve brain function.
4. Chocolates are good anti oxidants. These neutralize free radicals and other destructive molecules that can cause heart disease and other ailments.
5.  Chocolates increase blood flow to the brains that can help protect against stroke.

So if you're into chocolates, don't fret as you are also in a way doing your body a favor. Just don't take too much though as this may cause you to visit your dentist sooner than you expect (lol).

Have a chocolatey day!

July 28, 2013

Memorabilia From Saigon

During my last visit to Saigon, we managed to drop by at the Central Post Office located at the central district. I intentionally included that in our itinerary as this famous landmark in Saigon is well visited by tourists. This building inspired by French architecture is located just opposite the Notre Dame Cathedral which is another famous tourist spot in Saigon.

Inside the building, we found two souvenir shops near the main entrance.  Being a person who loves to collect things, I did not let the opportunity pass without getting some souvenir items. The options are endless and I had a hard time choosing what would be my great find. I saw some stamps, figurines, keychains and t-shirts but what caught my attention is the coin silver neatly attached to a scrap book. It looks nice and elegant but I finally decided to get a figurine as I have already started collecting some items. I got myself some key chains and fridge magnets too.

My two kids didn't bother to get anything as they are busy with photo opps. I couldn't blame them as the building is really a sight to behold. I love it's interior as well as the facade of the building. Overall, we enjoy the visit as well as the souvenirs.

July 25, 2013

Tips on How to Choose Hotels

A hotel is designed to be your home away from home. It’s where you crash after a series of meetings in a different city or where you go for a vacation getaway. When booking your trip, it’s up to you to make sure you find a hotel that meets your standards. A hotel can make all the difference between a quality experience and a poor experience in another city. There are several factors that make a hotel a great getaway. Be sure you understand these as you research Cape Cod hotels to stay in.


Of course, how much money you spend for your stay makes a huge difference. You’d be surprised how expensive simple trips can be. You have to think about eating out expenses, car rental charges, dry cleaning fees, and so on. To make the trip a little less costly, go to an inexpensive hotel. Look up rates on the Internet and understand what you’re getting for the price you’re paying. See if you can get discounts either through your employer or through organizations such as AAA or AARP. You or your company may be a part of a rewards program which allows you to get discounts and upgrades. Don’t neglect to factor in extra costs and hidden fees the hotel may spring on you.


It’s not just with home purchases that location is essential. Imagine staying in a hotel in a calm, classy area of the city or being a guest in a hotel on the questionable side of town. The choice you make affects how safe and secure you’ll feel being in that area as well as the good night’s sleep you get. Keep in mind what other locations and attractions are nearby. Plan so that restaurants and other venues will be in close distance, especially if you are without a car.

Customer Service

How you are treated as a guest at Cape Cod hotels should largely impact your decision on where to stay. You’ll want to be in a hotel that treats you as an individual and not a cash cow. Look online for reviews on how attentive and accommodating the front desk was when checking in guests and dealing with problems. See if you can find out how long you have to wait for linen, towels, and luggage to be taken up to rooms. After figuring in these factors, you should arrive at a good decision.

July 20, 2013

On Hiring A Housemaid

Just wondering if anyone here who employs a house helper or a nanny is doing a criminal background check prior to hiring their helpers.  I had been employing house helpers for many years now and had already encountered a lot of usual mishaps associated with hiring maids.  Most of my house helpers were recruited through recommendations from friends and relatives.  But there are situations where I would hire directly from agencies. I do not recommend the latter as this where I experienced a lot of problems.  I do not normally conduct background check on them but those hired from agencies would normally provide police or NBI clearance as part of the documents presented to employers.  

I have gone through a lot of inconveniences finding a house helper but I don't have a choice as we really require one in the house.  The safety of my family is my utmost priority thus I am very careful in choosing someone to whom I would entrust my family especially my kids.  Luckily, I never encountered being robbed as what was normally reported on news.  But I already stopped getting from agencies.  I prefer getting one through friends recommendations.

How I wish we could survive by ourselves but we are all busy.  Just take precautionary measures and keep your valuables safe at all times.  It pays to be prepared.   

Keeping You Fit

I just thought of sharing this as lately, I've noticed that my workmates are getting figure conscious and wanted to find more foods that could help them slim down and increase their metabolism.  I had read previously that yogurt is good and so, I recommended this to them.  Guess what?  All of them are buying yogurts everyday since then (lol).  

I think it's good to know that there are actually more foods that can boost our metabolism aside from yogurt and some of these foods were already on our diner tables for such a long time but we are just not aware of their nutritional values and uses. From the ones mentioned above, what I normally take are grape fruits, yogurt, coffee, green tea, apples and soy milk. Actually, I have no problem with my metabolism as it's naturally fast.  No wonder I never get really fat.  Well, I'm lucky at that! :)

Anyway, for those who would like to boost their metabolism and eventually lose some pounds, you can always try incorporating the above foods in your daily diet and who knows, this is all what you need to have that desired figure.

Watching Live Bands

Do you know what sort of entertainment do I miss?  I miss watching live bands.  Way back home, there's a pizza house which we often visit not only for foods but also because of it's live band playing nightly. They have great performances and never failed to give us a well deserved entertainment. They play good music and their vocalist sings well. What also caught our attention is their drummer. He doesn't only play drums but he also sings.  He is a kind of performer who doesn't need to play classic Electronic Drums at WWBW just to be noticed.  He is exceptional in his own ways.  No wonder why the place is always crowded.  Apart from the good food, they also offer a good entertainment.  

I wonder when I could visit the place again.  I missed to be home. 


Lately, a lot of things came up on me.  Some were good and some were bad.  However, this is not enough reason for me to lose my momentum. (lol)  Whenever I feel lost on something and it seemed like I can't find solution to some problems, I always resort to praying. Although I have the ability to weigh things logically, I still recognize the fact that I'm just human and that some things are beyond my capacity to solve.  Some problems need a divine intervention to get solved and I strongly believe in the power of prayers. It's because God has never failed me on this a number of times.  

Also lately, I'm not able to have much updates on my blogs. Sometimes, my mind seemed like restless and my ideas suddenly get lost while I'm writing.  Maybe, my mind is so preoccupied with things.  

I wish to have a smooth transition for the coming week.  Wish me luck. :) 

July 19, 2013

Best Investment

Business is one of the best investments people could have particularly those who wants to earn and those who have strong personality towards this field. Aside from this, there are other things too that is good to invest for. But if you are looking for the best one, business is what you should get.

Money is one of the things people should have these days, literally. Technically, that is because no things are given freely today unless if it is for marketing purposes. Think of it, even water is for sale much more when it comes to food. Thence, one should keep in mind and think practically that life is now impossible to live without money. Probably, there might be a place in this world where money doesn’t matter at all but sure enough, it just can be counted using the fingers in our hands. But nevertheless, majority of the world’s population needs money in order to live. That’s why, a lot of people have thought on what kind of business to start up before the opportunity runs off.

There are wide selections of business categories to choose for. Forex is one of the good examples in the field of finance. Basically, currency trading has become one of the trending business which can be availed both online and offline. That’s why it tops together with other in demand businesses available. And it is also recommended by many of those who are in business. Moreover, there are other sorts of businesses available aside from this. Thus, those who are planning have the choices to choose for. But make sure to think not just twice or thrice in deciding on which one to have. Remember, investing is not a joke. Not just your money is at risk but as well, your effort and everything of you will get affected.

July 17, 2013

Some of the Best Tours in the American Southeast

New Orleans is, without a doubt, one of the most colorful cities in America. Its history is as rich and as vibrant as the people who call it home. If you have ever thought about taking a trip to this Creole hotspot, the time is now. Besides the awesome bourbon, the impeccable chefs, and Mardi Gras beads, there are many historical and natural attractions best seen by booking one of many available tours in New Orleans.

Indulge in History

For those who love cities and their rich histories, you really can’t go wrong with a city tour. Attractions you should be sure your tour will take you to include the French Quarter and the Garden District. The French Quarter is the oldest neighborhood in New Orleans and features unique architecture that was inspired by the French, Spanish, and Americans. Many of its homes and buildings feature courtyards and wrought iron balconies that lend it a rich, artsy feel and offer enough privacy to also make it romantic. The Garden District is known, obviously, for its showy gardens and large, Greek revival-style mansions.

Commune with Nature

 If you are more interested in the natural beauty surrounding New Orleans, you may want to sign up for a tour that takes you out into the swampy areas around the city. Most tour companies have their own fleet of airboats and licensed captains and guides to show you around the area. More than likely, you will have an opportunity to visit the Barataria preserve. This beautiful area is 23,000 acres of bayous, marshes, and forests, and is home to over 200 species of birds. Other natives of the area include alligators, egrets, and bald eagles.

…Or the Spirits

Finally, if you have a love for the supernatural, you are in luck. New Orleans is home to many haunted spots, and none more spooky than the French Quarter. The history of the French Quarter includes tales of voodoo, vampires, killers, and a whole host of other supernatural and terrifying happenings. With such varied tours in New Orleans, it isn’t hard to find one or two that will make your imagination run wild and your heart skip a beat.

Tips To Boost Your Metabolism

If there's one thing that I am grateful about, that's having a fast metabolism.  This is the reason why I never get fat and still in tip top shape even after having two teen aged kids.  I never experienced going on for a diet or having a strenuous work outs.  I went to gym last time but that's only for a couple of months.  I also eat whatever I like but my motto is, always eat in moderation.  You can  eat anything you like as long as you do not over consumed.  I always get flattered when people asked me why I never get fat.  This is so because I knew that it has always been a struggle to most people particularly ladies to maintain a slim figure, and to remain slim effortlessly is indeed a blessing. :)

Anyway, here are some tips to help you boost your metabolism:
  • Get enough sleep.  Seven to eight hours of sleep is a must.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Avoid getting stressed
  • Keep your body moving even if it's just minor stretching. Do you know that I purposely go up and down the stairs many times in a day as this I considered my best form of exercise. :)
  • Eat more fruits and veggies
  • Take spicy foods at times as it is believe to boost our metabolism.
  • Take yogurts.  This aids in our digestion and lower down our cholesterol, too.
  • Make cucumber a part of your daily snack.  I love to have some cucumber slices and munch them while I do some readings or internet surfing.  Lots of great health benefits.   
  • Take Green Tea.  
A lot of people think that boosting your metabolism is a painful process as it means lots and lots of work outs, but there are actually simple ways of boosting our metabolism and this can actually be practiced daily. So try to follow the above tips and start burning those calories fast and stay slim. :)

Good Luck!

July 11, 2013

How to Wrap a Gift

Part of giving a gift to another person is….presentation! Even the best and most sought-after present can seem shabby if it’s given to the recipient in shoddy packaging. On the other hand, a gift that is carefully wrapped and tied up makes the most humble present a little bit brighter. So when you’re preparing your Florida gift, be sure you know how to wrap the present to make it appear as attractive as possible.


First things first, pick out some nice wrapping paper. The paper should correspond with the occasion and the recipient. For instance, buy pretty soft pink wrapping paper for a mother-to-be at a baby shower. Then move to a flat surface to work on. A dining room table works best, although the floor or a desk would be fitting, too. Take off the price tag before proceeding. Lay the present over the wrapping paper that is spread out on the surface. Determine how much paper to cut by wrapping the paper over the present so it’s completely covered. Give an extra 2 inches and then mark the wrapping paper with a pencil. Fold the paper over where you intend to cut it. You can use a ruler or another straight edge to make sure the line is straight. Cut the wrapping paper and trim the edges where they would hang over too much. Next, lay the present out in the center of the paper. Fold the wrapping paper hotdog style so both sides will meet in the middle and then attach it with tape. Then create the flaps on the top and bottom of the present by pushing the paper toward the gift. Turn them down one at a time and tape them.

Extra Frills

Just because your Florida gift is wrapped doesn’t mean your work ends there. Feel free to add some bells and whistles. You can add ribbons and tie them in a cross formation across the center. For plastic ribbons, use scissors to rub against them to curl the ends. Bows definitely add to a gift’s appearance. Gift tags and stickers addressing the recipient are also a nice touch.

July 10, 2013

The Benefits of Playing Dress Up

Between dance lessons, soccer practice, and homework, sometimes it can be hard to give your child time to just play. While school and sports help develop a child’s education and physical wellness, studies show that play is equally important in their development. One activity that really lets their creativity flow is playing dress up. Kids dressing up during play has shown to have social, developmental, and emotional benefits.

Emotions and Social Skills

When a child plays dress up, they are suddenly able to be whoever they wish to be. The only limits they will encounter are those put in place by their own imaginations. They can explore real life careers and situations by reenacting a trip to the doctor or perhaps a firefighter heroically saving a family from a burning house. In this way a child can explore a situation that they have encountered, and work out why it is important. It also gives them a chance to express how the situation makes them feel, and by enacting out different roles, how it may make other people feel. This can help them develop the sometimes difficult-to-comprehend feeling of empathy. Along with empathy, playing dress up can develop social skills when playing with others. When another child joins in the play, both will have contributions to make to the story. They will need to learn to cooperate with each other for the play to remain fun, as well as sharing the pieces of the costumes and taking turns in certain desirable roles.

Imagination and Fun

Along with developmental skills, dress up employs the use of imagination. Imagination encourages creative thinking, giving them the tools to help problem solving. Through creative play, the child may begin to use words they found from television used by their favorite characters, and put them to use in real life to expand their vocabulary. Along with an expanding vocabulary, dress up encourages a child to learn to dress themselves. A parent can also take this as an opportunity to share the importance of putting everything away when they are finished playing. The pieces of costume are easier to find when put away in the right place, and less likely to become damaged.

While dress up has many developmental benefits, in the end, the most important element is fun. To provide awesome costumes for dress up play, you can either purchase ready-made outfits from various companies, find items from around the house, or a combination of the two. If you join in with your kids dressing up, you may be surprised how much fun you find yourself having too! 

Working On Shifts

Glad to be back after more than a week of not updating this blog.  I missed some fun and activities in my blogging community due to my irregular work schedule.  I would admit, it's really hard to work on shifts.  Though, I've been doing this for years now, sometimes, I still can feel the difficulty.  If you use to have a day time job, it would probably be too difficult for you to adjust.  Glad that I overcome those years. :)

Recently, I'm having difficulty as I am on night shift and it seemed like I don't have enough sleep every time I checked in for work. It's also the low season now, business wise, so I really get bored most of the times.  Sometimes, I wonder if I have chosen a career that just requires a day time job, would it be a lot easier for me?  Well, I've been to that before and since financial rewards is not that great, I've decided to try something   different.  The advantages of working on shifts is that you could do some errands on day time and you would not have difficulty waking up so early in the case of a day time job.  However, the disadvantage is that you don't have a regular sleeping pattern and this would stop you from a getting a good and a complete sleep at times.  But what others says, "sanayan lang yan".

I am also hoping that I could make a grand exit soon so I would get things back to it's normal pace.  Meanwhile, I have to keep things going while I am preparing for everything and oh...it's time to check in, got to prepare for work.  


July 1, 2013

Do You Have a Negative Body Image?

Body image refers to the way individuals view their physical appearance. While some people hold a positive body image, there are many others who hold a negative perception of themselves. If you fall in the latter category, you may consider others to be more beautiful than you; point out flaws with your body; or always feel the need to lose weight. Feeling confident in your own skin is the key to overcoming your negative body image. You can eliminate your thoughts of a negative body image by implementing the following strategies.

Eliminate the negativity in your life. You may have friends or family members you are always criticizing your appearance. They may make comments about your facial features or the shape of your body. Hearing negative remarks, on a consistent basis, about your appearance can lead to low self esteem and depression. That’s why it’s important that you decrease the amount of time you spend with such people. By doing so, you’ll be able to flush out the negativity from your thoughts and adopt a positive image of yourself.

Speak greatness into  your life. What are you saying about yourself? Are you describing yourself in a negative light? As you go about your day, pay attention to your thought pattern. When you look at yourself, do you experience happiness or sadness? Once you’ve identified the negativity that you’ve been harboring in your life, take the necessary steps to eradicate such behavior. If the issue revolves around your weight, it is recommended that you direct your attention to being healthy. Leading a healthy lifestyle will allow you to release weight without having to focus directly on weight management.

Treat your body with respect and care. If you’re talented or skilled in an area of life such as dancing, art, or swimming, you should spend your time being grateful for the ability to perform these activities. Express gratitude for the different body parts that allow you to excel in each of these areas. Taking time to appreciate your body will allow you to view your body in a positive light.

Decrease the amount of time you spend watching television or reading magazines about celebrities. The images you view on the television and in magazines often display celebrities with slim figures. Such images become in embedded in your mind, causing you to believe that it’s the ideal way of life. Instead of being mesmerized by television shows and browsing through magazines, spend more time around individuals who lead a healthy and well-balanced life. These individuals may be in your neighborhood or online.

Seek to be healthy rather than skinny. With regular exercise and the proper nutrition you’ll be able to boost your body image without having to go on a diet. Working out on a consistent basis releases endorphins in the body which in turn improves your mood. While consistency plays a fundamental role in your workout routine, it’s also recommended that you perform these workouts in moderation. Doing an excessive number of workouts with weight loss as the end goal indicates that your focus is related to becoming skinny. 

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