July 1, 2013

Do You Have a Negative Body Image?

Body image refers to the way individuals view their physical appearance. While some people hold a positive body image, there are many others who hold a negative perception of themselves. If you fall in the latter category, you may consider others to be more beautiful than you; point out flaws with your body; or always feel the need to lose weight. Feeling confident in your own skin is the key to overcoming your negative body image. You can eliminate your thoughts of a negative body image by implementing the following strategies.

Eliminate the negativity in your life. You may have friends or family members you are always criticizing your appearance. They may make comments about your facial features or the shape of your body. Hearing negative remarks, on a consistent basis, about your appearance can lead to low self esteem and depression. That’s why it’s important that you decrease the amount of time you spend with such people. By doing so, you’ll be able to flush out the negativity from your thoughts and adopt a positive image of yourself.

Speak greatness into  your life. What are you saying about yourself? Are you describing yourself in a negative light? As you go about your day, pay attention to your thought pattern. When you look at yourself, do you experience happiness or sadness? Once you’ve identified the negativity that you’ve been harboring in your life, take the necessary steps to eradicate such behavior. If the issue revolves around your weight, it is recommended that you direct your attention to being healthy. Leading a healthy lifestyle will allow you to release weight without having to focus directly on weight management.

Treat your body with respect and care. If you’re talented or skilled in an area of life such as dancing, art, or swimming, you should spend your time being grateful for the ability to perform these activities. Express gratitude for the different body parts that allow you to excel in each of these areas. Taking time to appreciate your body will allow you to view your body in a positive light.

Decrease the amount of time you spend watching television or reading magazines about celebrities. The images you view on the television and in magazines often display celebrities with slim figures. Such images become in embedded in your mind, causing you to believe that it’s the ideal way of life. Instead of being mesmerized by television shows and browsing through magazines, spend more time around individuals who lead a healthy and well-balanced life. These individuals may be in your neighborhood or online.

Seek to be healthy rather than skinny. With regular exercise and the proper nutrition you’ll be able to boost your body image without having to go on a diet. Working out on a consistent basis releases endorphins in the body which in turn improves your mood. While consistency plays a fundamental role in your workout routine, it’s also recommended that you perform these workouts in moderation. Doing an excessive number of workouts with weight loss as the end goal indicates that your focus is related to becoming skinny. 

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