July 29, 2013

Good News For Chocolate Lovers

Are you fond of eating chocolates? If your answer is yes, then you have a reason to celebrate! Chocolates especially the dark variety have health benefits too. But again, as what I normally say, eat everything in moderation.

The following are the health benefits that we could derive in chocolates:

1.  Chocolates improve the body's immune system.
2.  Chocolates can lower blood pressure.
3.  Chocolates improve brain function.
4. Chocolates are good anti oxidants. These neutralize free radicals and other destructive molecules that can cause heart disease and other ailments.
5.  Chocolates increase blood flow to the brains that can help protect against stroke.

So if you're into chocolates, don't fret as you are also in a way doing your body a favor. Just don't take too much though as this may cause you to visit your dentist sooner than you expect (lol).

Have a chocolatey day!

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