July 11, 2013

How to Wrap a Gift

Part of giving a gift to another person is….presentation! Even the best and most sought-after present can seem shabby if it’s given to the recipient in shoddy packaging. On the other hand, a gift that is carefully wrapped and tied up makes the most humble present a little bit brighter. So when you’re preparing your Florida gift, be sure you know how to wrap the present to make it appear as attractive as possible.


First things first, pick out some nice wrapping paper. The paper should correspond with the occasion and the recipient. For instance, buy pretty soft pink wrapping paper for a mother-to-be at a baby shower. Then move to a flat surface to work on. A dining room table works best, although the floor or a desk would be fitting, too. Take off the price tag before proceeding. Lay the present over the wrapping paper that is spread out on the surface. Determine how much paper to cut by wrapping the paper over the present so it’s completely covered. Give an extra 2 inches and then mark the wrapping paper with a pencil. Fold the paper over where you intend to cut it. You can use a ruler or another straight edge to make sure the line is straight. Cut the wrapping paper and trim the edges where they would hang over too much. Next, lay the present out in the center of the paper. Fold the wrapping paper hotdog style so both sides will meet in the middle and then attach it with tape. Then create the flaps on the top and bottom of the present by pushing the paper toward the gift. Turn them down one at a time and tape them.

Extra Frills

Just because your Florida gift is wrapped doesn’t mean your work ends there. Feel free to add some bells and whistles. You can add ribbons and tie them in a cross formation across the center. For plastic ribbons, use scissors to rub against them to curl the ends. Bows definitely add to a gift’s appearance. Gift tags and stickers addressing the recipient are also a nice touch.

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