July 28, 2013

Memorabilia From Saigon

During my last visit to Saigon, we managed to drop by at the Central Post Office located at the central district. I intentionally included that in our itinerary as this famous landmark in Saigon is well visited by tourists. This building inspired by French architecture is located just opposite the Notre Dame Cathedral which is another famous tourist spot in Saigon.

Inside the building, we found two souvenir shops near the main entrance.  Being a person who loves to collect things, I did not let the opportunity pass without getting some souvenir items. The options are endless and I had a hard time choosing what would be my great find. I saw some stamps, figurines, keychains and t-shirts but what caught my attention is the coin silver neatly attached to a scrap book. It looks nice and elegant but I finally decided to get a figurine as I have already started collecting some items. I got myself some key chains and fridge magnets too.

My two kids didn't bother to get anything as they are busy with photo opps. I couldn't blame them as the building is really a sight to behold. I love it's interior as well as the facade of the building. Overall, we enjoy the visit as well as the souvenirs.

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