July 20, 2013

On Hiring A Housemaid

Just wondering if anyone here who employs a house helper or a nanny is doing a criminal background check prior to hiring their helpers.  I had been employing house helpers for many years now and had already encountered a lot of usual mishaps associated with hiring maids.  Most of my house helpers were recruited through recommendations from friends and relatives.  But there are situations where I would hire directly from agencies. I do not recommend the latter as this where I experienced a lot of problems.  I do not normally conduct background check on them but those hired from agencies would normally provide police or NBI clearance as part of the documents presented to employers.  

I have gone through a lot of inconveniences finding a house helper but I don't have a choice as we really require one in the house.  The safety of my family is my utmost priority thus I am very careful in choosing someone to whom I would entrust my family especially my kids.  Luckily, I never encountered being robbed as what was normally reported on news.  But I already stopped getting from agencies.  I prefer getting one through friends recommendations.

How I wish we could survive by ourselves but we are all busy.  Just take precautionary measures and keep your valuables safe at all times.  It pays to be prepared.   

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