July 10, 2013

Working On Shifts

Glad to be back after more than a week of not updating this blog.  I missed some fun and activities in my blogging community due to my irregular work schedule.  I would admit, it's really hard to work on shifts.  Though, I've been doing this for years now, sometimes, I still can feel the difficulty.  If you use to have a day time job, it would probably be too difficult for you to adjust.  Glad that I overcome those years. :)

Recently, I'm having difficulty as I am on night shift and it seemed like I don't have enough sleep every time I checked in for work. It's also the low season now, business wise, so I really get bored most of the times.  Sometimes, I wonder if I have chosen a career that just requires a day time job, would it be a lot easier for me?  Well, I've been to that before and since financial rewards is not that great, I've decided to try something   different.  The advantages of working on shifts is that you could do some errands on day time and you would not have difficulty waking up so early in the case of a day time job.  However, the disadvantage is that you don't have a regular sleeping pattern and this would stop you from a getting a good and a complete sleep at times.  But what others says, "sanayan lang yan".

I am also hoping that I could make a grand exit soon so I would get things back to it's normal pace.  Meanwhile, I have to keep things going while I am preparing for everything and oh...it's time to check in, got to prepare for work.  


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