August 27, 2013

Dog Party Supplies and Other Fun Accessories

Owning a dog can be a lot of work sometimes. Much like young children, dogs sometimes require constant attention and a lot of teaching. After getting frustrated and worn out, sometimes it’s good to remember all the wonderful things that a dog can bring into your life. Companionship, loyalty, and love without judgment are all characteristics that dogs share regardless of their breed. Treating your special canine friend is a great way to share a fun time with them to remember these great aspects. Due to the special dietary needs of dogs, it is best to find specialty dog party supplies from a reputable vendor. Many vendors also sell great dog accessories as well that can be stylish and safe at the same time.

Dog Accessories

Some fun dog accessories that are made special with canines in mind are things like clothes and toys. It is best to be aware of the materials used to make any dog accessory that you purchase. For example, toys filled with cotton are not the safest when considering that many dogs chew up their toys to the point of breaking them open. Unlike humans, dogs don’t always know that certain things don’t belong in their mouths. Toy filling like cotton can cause major damage to a dog if they eat it. It can block their intestines and make them very sick.

Dog Party Fun!

A dog party may seem silly, but that is actually part of the point. Parties are not meant to be serious occasions at all. They are meant to be fun, entertaining, and a great memory in the end. Spending some carefree time with your dog and maybe even some friends and their dogs is a great way to simply enjoy the day. It is best to make sure that everything goes off without a hitch by purchasing any treats for the special guests with their species in mind. Dogs cannot consume chocolate and many should not have any dairy either. That is why dog treats are made special for dogs. Some treats can even be made at home by you, just be sure to follow the recipe and avoid dangerous ingredients. An even easier way to get special dog treats for the special occasion is to purchase dog party supplies from a trusted source. There are many places online that offer great treats and surprises made especially for dogs. They list all their ingredients for you and can usually ship in a very short time.

August 26, 2013

A Clutter Free Kitchen

One of my growing concern now at home is creating more storage spaces in my kitchen.  Now that we are more into experimenting with our newly found home biz, we wanted to create more storage for our baking supplies.  We have lots of pantry cabinets and kitchen cabinets, but I think that our kitchen stuff cannot be arranged properly to maximize storage spaces inside the cabinet. Glad that I've found some ideas from  Lots of cabinet organizers to choose from. These organizers will not only make our cabinets and shelves looking clean and organized but will also make it easier for us to look for things that we need at a glance.  This will enable us to save a great deal of time during our busy hours in the kitchen.  

Are Smelly Foods Good For Us?

If you are one of those who shun away from smelly foods...think again!  Smelly foods like carrots, radishes, cheese, garlic, onions, fish and eggs are in fact good for our health as these contain a large amount of sulphur which caused the foul smelling odor on these foods.  Sulphur is an important mineral as this helps us eliminate waste in our bodies.  It is also believed to be of great help in maintaining a blemish free skin and a silky healthy hair.  This is the reason why sulphur is always present on some skin care and hair products.  Sulphur derived from some raw foods offers a great amount of health benefits.  The detoxifying effect of sulphur makes it an effective aid in preventing various illnesses associated with all forms of viruses.

Apart from it's health benefits, sulphur also helps in beauty related treatments as it is believed to be an active mineral that helps in promoting good skin and defies aging by eliminating the signs of wrinkles.  It also helps to stimulate hair growth.  Examples of natural foods that are having high sulphur content are broccoli, sunflower seeds, asparagus, cabbage, onions and garlic.  

August 22, 2013

Ways to Relieve Your Chronic Pain

No matter how much pain you are in because of an accident, injury, illness, or disease, it is important that a Newport Beach pain management specialist helps you get back on your toes, so that you are feeling happy, healthy, and pain-free.

Pain and Discomfort

Living with pain can be such a detriment to your life and how you function on a daily basis. It is vital that you meet with a health professional that can help you control or eliminate the pain that you are having. It may take time and patience on your part to determine what the best route of pain control will be. There are various methods to try out, depending on your situation and the level of pain that you live in. Medication is a good resource to turn to when needing to alleviate your discomfort. There are several pills, creams, and patches that can allow you to feel functional, and to take the edge off of your unnerving aches and pains. It may be necessary to be monitored during your medication consumption to make sure that your dosing is accurate and doing the job that it is supposed to do. Communicate clearly with your health provider to let them know if your pain is under control or if it is not being managed well.

A Soothing Hand

If medications help you a little bit, you may also need to add some therapeutic relief to your pain management plan, including massage or physical therapy. If your pain was caused by an injury or accident, additional stimulation for relieving your symptoms could do the trick. There are various therapists that are trained and certified to work on those that have chronic pain and need a tender hand. Adding massage or therapy to your weekly routine may do wonders for your body, mind, soul, and pain that you are enduring.

Feeling Good Again

If you are sick and tired of always living in pain and feeling worn out and tired, a Newport Beach pain management specialist can help to make you feel better than you ever have before.


Messages in Stones

We love parties, don't we?  After all, it's the best time to bond with our friends and families alike.  Every time we throw parties at home, I always wanted to have a collection of good times and memories, of the joys that we've shared, of the the scrumptious foods that we've served and all the funs and thrills of just being together.  In some formal events like weddings and birthdays or even christening, we sometimes incorporate the use of a guest book to allow our guests to leave their wishes and messages to us on those special occasions and sometimes guest books are even provided by the restaurant or hotel who hosted our parties.  But I was thrilled to see this unique way of getting messages from your guests, "messages written on small rocks"! I love the fact that these messages can be displayed in a clear cute vase and can be a part of your home decor.  Every time you feel sad and bored, you can always take those stones and start reading messages all over again.  I think this is a very cool idea and I'm excited to use this idea the next time we have a special event in the family. :)

August 14, 2013

Custom Pools Can Beautify a Yard

As the weather grows hotter, people start thinking about how to keep cool. While it is quite possible that the people wishing for it to be cooler were complaining about it being too cold in the winter, that is okay because for most people there is no real Goldilocks temperature when it comes to the weather. It is better for them to complain about something that they cannot choose or control and is inanimate rather than complaining about people they know. (They might do that too, but that is a different article). To help them complain just a little less about the weather and the heat, you might think about getting your own swimming hole. In Fort Worth, custom pools make sense for the summertime.


One of the things that people demand from their products is customization. They want their iPhone, car, or other massed produced item to look different than everyone else’s. This is one of the reasons that bad things happen when women wear the same dress to a posh party or celebrities wear the same outfit even months apart. If you do not want your small items to look the same as what others have, why would you want your pool to look the same as every other pool in the neighborhood?

Keeping It Cool with a Pool

In Fort Worth, custom pools make all the difference when it comes to how the pool fits in with the landscape of the home. They can be planned around features that you want to keep while providing a nice area to be. They can also be planned to fit the contours of the terrain. Water features not only have a cooling effect when they are able to be used, but they also have a calming effect when they are beautiful to look at. While beautiful may seem subjective, there are certain features that can make a landscape look even more beautiful. Water is one of those features. That makes a pool the perfect addition to any yard, especially when it is customized to that yard and the home.

Rules To Live By

Just want to share these 3 simple rules in life that I've seen online as I suddenly get the motivation to reflect on those.  I think these 3 simple rules are indeed very true and practical.

The first rule talks about our dreams and goals in life.  To achieve our goals, we have to do something, and we all know that by doing something, we need to take risks.  We should be willing to try and accept failure.   Sometimes, we failed to get what we want in life because we are not willing to try.  

The second rule has something to do with opening up.  We will not be able to get answers to our questions unless we take the liberty to ask.  We failed to do things that we want because we always have the fear of falling and being rejected.

The third rule I guess is pretty much the same with the first and second rule. As they say, "the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step".

Looking at those 3 simple rules, I think the common denominator is being able to try and take risks if we really want to succeed in life. I'd been guilty of this many times in the past as I am a person who studies and plans very well every move I take to lessen if not totally eliminate the risks of falling down.  But that's just me! Generally, we should be willing to take risks as most businessmen do.  However, it all depends on how much risk we are willing to take.  In life, we do have a choice and we have to choose the one that's always best for us. :)


Periodic and Interval Training: What's The Difference

As the science of fitness advances and expands the terminology expands as well. As with most sciences, the technical terminology can sometimes be confusing. There are two terms that have been around for quite a while now, but they are often times confused. The terms in question are “periodic training” and “interval training”. To a lay person the similarity is the words “interval” and periodic” may give the impression that these two training concepts are synonymous.

Actually there is a distinct difference between the two. While both have an immense impact on the effectiveness of any fitness or exercise program, they are approached from two distinctive unique ways. This article will briefly lay out the distinction between these two concepts while revealing their unique benefits.

Something to note however is that before you begin a training plan or exercise regimen you should always set aside time to develop a nutrition plan. Interval training can be very taxing on your body and so you should be looking to take some supplements. Supplements such a tribulus, which is a natural testosterone booster when consumed two or more times a week, or a whey protein shake are good places to start. Also you may want to consider adding in glutamine and glucosamine for your glycogen levels and improved joint health.

Interval Training

Starting with the most common and simplest to explain, interval training is simply the performance of a particular exercise (for cardiovascular purposes), in which the exercise is performed at one level for a certain set time, and then the subject is allowed to rest or lower the intensity of the workout.

The types of exercises that can be executed with the interval training concept are multitudinous. Almost any cardio exercise can be performed at intervals. To name a few, you could do treadmill work, rowing, cycling, jogging, and more. It is normally good to implement interval training into your training program at least two times a week.

The manner at which interval training can be carried out is quite versatile. You can perform what is recognized as basic interval training which would be executed by performing a particular cardiovascular exercise for a given period, and then taking a static rest period. Conversely, you can also do what is known as Fartlek interval training, which is often used as a part of athletic training concepts. Farlek training calls for the athlete to train at a certain level, but the rest period is dynamic, meaning that the athlete is moving (performing an exercise at a different intensity) during the entire rest period. This is also known as active recovery.

Interval training is a great way to stoke your metabolism to burn more calories.

Periodic Training

Whereas interval training is a concept that is applied during a specific workout, periodic training is a philosophy that is revealed in the progression of an entire workout program. Period training is also known as periodization. Periodization is an approach that integrates the concept of progressive cycling of different elements into a training program over a specified period of time. The concept of period training is not new. It was introduced to the training world in the late 1950’s. It was originally introduced by Hans Selye as the General Adaption Syndrome.

Selye was able to identify two separate issues with training that necessitated periodic training. The first issue was the fact that continuous training at high intensity levels for extending periods of time eventually led to stresses of a biological nature that Selye called eustresses. These biological stresses led to tissue damage, death and disease.

The second issue was the fact that the body had a unique and uncanny ability to adjust to workouts that were common in intensity: limiting the effect of the workout over time. Basically, after doing the same workout for a certain period of time, the body would adapt to the workout and would subsequently reach a plateau.

The solution to both of these issues was periodic training which cycled high intensity workouts with lower intensity workouts in a manner that allowed the body to recover, as well as preventing it from adapting.

Whereas interval training is a concept used mostly in cardiovascular training, periodization is used primarily for resistance training. Period training will often break down intense training periods in three week segments, but in can be micromanaged by having a low intensity workout interpolated into your intense training at least 2 times a week.

As you can see, though both of these training concepts have great benefits, they are distinctly different.

Bryan Moore offers personal fitness training and coaching and is a novice stand up comedian. You can reach him at RXGym in Pittsburgh, PA.

August 8, 2013

A Fun Way of Engaging People We Respect

Once in our lives or even at the present time, we may have that special someone whom we greatly looked up to for inspiration and advice. Someone whom we believe good things emanate, someone to whom we entrust our lives and future, someone who mentors us during or growing up years.  They can be our grand parents, parents, teachers, friends or bosses.  To get their overflowing ideas and inspiration about life and to engage them as the influential people in our lives, you may want to try this scrap book with all the questions in our minds and hand these over to people who used to be the source of our inspiration and let them share a part of themselves by letting them answer your questions.  That's a win-win situation.  You can get more of their life and experiences and learn more about life in general and at the same time, show them your respect and love.  What an awesome idea to try!  

August 7, 2013

Beginning a Career in Massage Therapy

If you are searching for a career that can help people feel well and help them to recover from an accident or illness, massage therapy is the route that you should take. Salt Lake City massage therapy courses will allow you to earn your diploma and obtain a job quickly in the field of massage therapy.

Strong Pressure Points

Working as a massage therapist will allow you to make people feel good throughout their body. Once people have received a massage, they feel happy, relaxed, and less stressed. This is the perfect job for you if you like to see people smile and see them act appreciative because of your services. Enrolling in a massage therapy school is easy, and you can earn your degree quickly. Many classes will instruct you how to massage and what the human body is all about. You will learn various techniques and ways to massage someone, especially those with health issues. Massage can be very beneficial to the human body, as it can control emotions, pain, and feelings. There are many individuals that receive massages on a weekly basis just to decrease their stressful lives.

Where to Work

Once you have your degree and have completed the mandatory hours needed for certification, you can become employed anywhere that you desire. Many salons and spas have trained massage therapists onboard as part of their team. You can choose to work in a resort or cruise ship to pamper and soothe guests that are vacationing for a relaxing holiday. You can even choose to train and teach others if you are passionate about massage therapy and what is has to offer. This is a very fulfilling career that requires you to have strength and a kind heart. You may hear a lot of stories, and clients may want to chatter while you are working on their back. It can be a very fun career that provides you with benefits and great financial stability along the way.

A Rub Down

Salt Lake City massage therapy courses can provide you with the skills and education that you are looking for to become a talented and respected massage therapist in the massaging industry.

Attending an Exciting Business School

If you want to have a great career and further your education to learn and grow, enrolling yourself in a Colorado business school will give you the opportunity to discover what jobs the business world has to offer you.

A Popular Industry

Opening your own business or managing a business that has many clients, buyers, and customers is a job that can be beneficial to you and your future. If you love a certain product or you are passionate about running a specific business, you can enroll in school to learn exactly what you need to begin a successful career. Most of your success will be from hands-on experience, but learning the beginning steps to opening your very own business is vital to get it up and running and to ensure that it will flourish and grow. In school, you will gain the knowledge and skills to apply to your home-grown business. The hardest part is getting started and letting people know what you are all about. Once your foot is in the door and you give it time to grow, you can have a very productive and effective business.

A Hard Worker

 If you don’t want to run your own business but still want be in charge of one, it is imperative that you take classes and attend a business school that will train you to operate and successfully run a cooperation or business. It is vital that you gain advice and information from those that run businesses that are booming and that have been very profitable and fruitful. Once you take all of these elements in and apply them to your career, you can positively run a business that will thrive because of your managing and operating skills. You can choose to focus on various areas in your studies, since business management is very broad. Pick what interests you and work hard to graduate with honors so that you can begin working in a place that you love and are passionate about.

Make a Choice

Look into a Colorado business school to begin your venture into the business industry. This is a very fulfilling and exciting area to begin a long and fascinating career in. 

Dealing With Migraines

I used to suffer from frequent migraine attacks when I was still working in the Philippines, but the condition improves when I started working abroad.  I still have migraine attacks from time to time usually before or after the monthly period but glad to say that it is happening very seldom now.  I guess, one of the greatest contributory factor to my migraine attacks is stress and lack of sleep.  Good thing that I was able to manage it well through the years.  During onset of migraine, what I normally do is just to take a pain reliever, in my case it's Dolfenal.  Then I would drink a cold fruit juice, massage my forehead with a balm and get a good rest and ample sleep.  When I woke up, the pain is gone.

They also say that coffee triggers migraine but maybe not really true in my case as I am a coffee drinker.  But in one of my readings, I've  learned that when there's a strong migraine attack, taking a cup of coffee is advisable but not when the pain is just starting.  I don't know if there's a truth to this but I usually take coffee with or without experiencing severe pains.

But I guess, complete bed rest really helps as it helps us to relax. Also, we should avoid looking directly to sunlight as this will only trigger the pain. 

Hope this helps! :)

August 2, 2013

Wigs for Fashion?

When I did some shopping at Bangkok and Saigon last time, I remembered to have found lots of fashion accessories in brilliant colors and designs.  Every lady would be fascinated with those gorgeous bangles, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other fashion accessories.  Lots of designs and colors to choose from and some are very affordable, too.  I also saw few shops selling wigs and I even tried some (lol).  The hair styles of those wigs are really great and hair texture is really shiny.  They have both long and short wigs and they fit just perfectly.

I wonder though if some ladies are keen to wearing wigs for fashion. Long before, wigs were only worn by people with bald spot but it seemed that in the present times, these wigs are already a part of ladies fashion.  Of course, if I have to choose I still would like to sport a natural gorgeous silky hair, but I wouldn't mind wearing wigs at times when there's special events or occasions. 

Would you mind wearing one, too? 
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