August 26, 2013

Are Smelly Foods Good For Us?

If you are one of those who shun away from smelly foods...think again!  Smelly foods like carrots, radishes, cheese, garlic, onions, fish and eggs are in fact good for our health as these contain a large amount of sulphur which caused the foul smelling odor on these foods.  Sulphur is an important mineral as this helps us eliminate waste in our bodies.  It is also believed to be of great help in maintaining a blemish free skin and a silky healthy hair.  This is the reason why sulphur is always present on some skin care and hair products.  Sulphur derived from some raw foods offers a great amount of health benefits.  The detoxifying effect of sulphur makes it an effective aid in preventing various illnesses associated with all forms of viruses.

Apart from it's health benefits, sulphur also helps in beauty related treatments as it is believed to be an active mineral that helps in promoting good skin and defies aging by eliminating the signs of wrinkles.  It also helps to stimulate hair growth.  Examples of natural foods that are having high sulphur content are broccoli, sunflower seeds, asparagus, cabbage, onions and garlic.  

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