August 7, 2013

Dealing With Migraines

I used to suffer from frequent migraine attacks when I was still working in the Philippines, but the condition improves when I started working abroad.  I still have migraine attacks from time to time usually before or after the monthly period but glad to say that it is happening very seldom now.  I guess, one of the greatest contributory factor to my migraine attacks is stress and lack of sleep.  Good thing that I was able to manage it well through the years.  During onset of migraine, what I normally do is just to take a pain reliever, in my case it's Dolfenal.  Then I would drink a cold fruit juice, massage my forehead with a balm and get a good rest and ample sleep.  When I woke up, the pain is gone.

They also say that coffee triggers migraine but maybe not really true in my case as I am a coffee drinker.  But in one of my readings, I've  learned that when there's a strong migraine attack, taking a cup of coffee is advisable but not when the pain is just starting.  I don't know if there's a truth to this but I usually take coffee with or without experiencing severe pains.

But I guess, complete bed rest really helps as it helps us to relax. Also, we should avoid looking directly to sunlight as this will only trigger the pain. 

Hope this helps! :)

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