August 22, 2013

Messages in Stones

We love parties, don't we?  After all, it's the best time to bond with our friends and families alike.  Every time we throw parties at home, I always wanted to have a collection of good times and memories, of the joys that we've shared, of the the scrumptious foods that we've served and all the funs and thrills of just being together.  In some formal events like weddings and birthdays or even christening, we sometimes incorporate the use of a guest book to allow our guests to leave their wishes and messages to us on those special occasions and sometimes guest books are even provided by the restaurant or hotel who hosted our parties.  But I was thrilled to see this unique way of getting messages from your guests, "messages written on small rocks"! I love the fact that these messages can be displayed in a clear cute vase and can be a part of your home decor.  Every time you feel sad and bored, you can always take those stones and start reading messages all over again.  I think this is a very cool idea and I'm excited to use this idea the next time we have a special event in the family. :)

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