August 14, 2013

Rules To Live By

Just want to share these 3 simple rules in life that I've seen online as I suddenly get the motivation to reflect on those.  I think these 3 simple rules are indeed very true and practical.

The first rule talks about our dreams and goals in life.  To achieve our goals, we have to do something, and we all know that by doing something, we need to take risks.  We should be willing to try and accept failure.   Sometimes, we failed to get what we want in life because we are not willing to try.  

The second rule has something to do with opening up.  We will not be able to get answers to our questions unless we take the liberty to ask.  We failed to do things that we want because we always have the fear of falling and being rejected.

The third rule I guess is pretty much the same with the first and second rule. As they say, "the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step".

Looking at those 3 simple rules, I think the common denominator is being able to try and take risks if we really want to succeed in life. I'd been guilty of this many times in the past as I am a person who studies and plans very well every move I take to lessen if not totally eliminate the risks of falling down.  But that's just me! Generally, we should be willing to take risks as most businessmen do.  However, it all depends on how much risk we are willing to take.  In life, we do have a choice and we have to choose the one that's always best for us. :)


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