September 28, 2013

Why Do You Need to Get a Boat Lift?

The main reason people buy and use boat lifts is because of storms that might roll in or because their dock is too small. A boat lift is going to keep the boat from being banged around the dock as water from a storm picks up in energy. Boats are also protected from rotting on the bottom of the boat when using a boat lift. Having a boat lift is important when the dock is just on one side of your boat. Boat lifts are used more often for small and medium-sized boats.

How you operate the boat lift depends on the way the boat is stored as well as the size of the boat. The most common way of storing the boat is by directly storing it on the lift. A common boat lift cradles the boat with straps attached under the keel of the boat. The lift uses a pulley operation to gently lift the boat from the water. There is also a hydraulic lift for boats. This is used more often for jet skis and smaller boats. Some come with a function that allows the owner swing the boat right on the deck.

Because there are different models and types of boat lifts, it might not be easy to choose the one right for your boat. You can find the right boat lift from or get more information by visiting their website. You should always choose a lift with the intention of keeping your boat protected during extreme weather.

Philippine's Pride - Ms. Megan Young

Another milestone for the country as Ms. Philippines, Megan Young was crowned Ms. World 2013. Megan bested 126 beauty queens from the recently concluded beauty pageant held at Bali Indonesia.  This achievement has made a large number of Filipino crowd jumped for joy as they waved the Philippine flag to celebrate Megan's victory of bagging the Ms. World title.  Megan was said to be the first Filipina to win the prestigious crown.

Megan Young, a 23 year old Filipino-American actress who appeared on several movies and TV shows appeared to be the crowd's favorite and reportedly won several special awards during the pre pageant.  

I had personally watched her interview on Rappler with Gie Tongie after winning the Ms. World Philippines title and I found her to be a young beautiful lass with so much talent and a great mind.  She's spontaneous, witty and exudes great confidence.

Way to go Megan!  The country is truly proud of you.

September 26, 2013

Vacationing in New Orleans: What to See

New Orleans has a certain je ne sais quoi; it has such a cool feel to it, and such unique history and architecture. And despite being devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, its tourism industry is booming. If you’re planning on taking a vacation to see The Big Easy, make sure you get to see some of the most popular sights. There are a lot of tours that you can take to explore the city, the swamps, and even the creepy cemeteries, and tour info is available online.

The French Quarter

Probably the most famous area in New Orleans, the French Quarter is quite a sight. The beautiful, French-inspired buildings house all sorts of eclectic shops and restaurants. But the French Quarter is most famous for its variety of jazz clubs. New Orleans has a rich musical history and is the epicenter of all things jazz.

Mardi Gras

Although Mardi Gras has become infamous nowadays, it really is a wonderful tradition. Rather than partaking in the Bourbon St. version of Mardi Gras, you can head over to St. Charles and see all sorts of family-friendly festivities. There are a number of parades and other activities to provide hours of entertainment.


Be sure to check out the spooky tombs and crypts that occupy the cemeteries in New Orleans. Because the city is below sea level, settlers discovered that they couldn’t bury their loved ones below ground. So instead they built these elaborate tombs; coffins that are surrounded by carved stone and sculptures. It is really quite interesting to walk through the crypts and see it all.


A visit to New Orleans wouldn’t be complete without checking out the amazing plantations. These plantations were home to wealthy Southerners who used slaves to work their fields. They built gorgeous, enormous homes that were basically castles of the South. Quite a few of these stately homes have been restored and are historic landmarks.


New Orleans is basically a city in the middle of swampland. There are a few national parks that are very close to the city, most of which are just miles and miles of swamp. You can’t really explore these swamps without going by boat, so boat rentals and tour-boats are readily available. Tour info is often available at your hotel, or you can book a tour beforehand to guarantee your spot. On a swamp tour you can see all sorts of native wildlife like alligators, herons, and all sorts of fish. If you’re visiting in the summer though, you might want to prepare yourself for a muggy, hot ride. And bring plenty of bug repellent!

September 23, 2013

Killer Flood Hits Olongapo and Subic

I was in the office this morning and wasn't really checking my cell phone until after I had my lunch break nearly 1 PM.  I was shocked with the messages that I've received from both my son and daughter.  They really get into further details as to what has been going on at home but they are just pleading me to call them immediately.  Before I lost contact with them, they managed to mention on the very last message I've received that the whole city and the surrounding towns were terribly flooded.

I've tried to call them a number of times but it was too late, probably because the entire city had lost the power connection and I was thinking that all their cell phones were probably "low bat".  I couldn't contact through our land line, too.  I was feeling uneasy the rest of the afternoon until late in the evening.  I was trying to contact my husband through Skype but probably he was at work, too.

During times like these, I wish I was home.  I wish I could be fully aware of what's happening to my family 24 hours a day.  My worries were also heightened by the fact that our house helper was on day off since Sunday.  I could imagine that both my kids were having a hard time because of the situation.  I'm not even sure if they are totally safe.  I got a news late afternoon that the flood has already subside.  But I wasn't sure of the aftermath.    I managed to ask my house helper who was staying with her son and daughter at the time to contact someone from our neighbors to check on the situation of my family.  This could help me to relax a bit.  Glad I was told, they're safe.  But I knew for a fact that there is a lot of inconveniences at home brought about by the flash flood.  I am not yet sure of the extent but I am crossing my fingers that everything would be manageable.

All I can do now is pray and wish that everything will be okay soon and that I could already be in contact with them as soon as the power resumed.

Please pray for our family and the rest of the people affected by this calamity. Let's just hope that everything will be back to normal soon.

September 21, 2013

Save on Purchases Using Coupons

One of the widely used method of cutting on household expenses is saving on purchases using coupons.  I've been hearing a lot of stories from stay at home Moms on how this tremendously lowered down their monthly budget on groceries and other household purchases. Shoppers who are used to clipping coupons and managed them diligently are able to save a lot of money, as on some instances, they can save up to as much as 60% of their total bill.  The idea behind this is for specific shops to entice the customers to continuously patronize their products and reward them for being their loyal customers.

More and more shops are joining the bandwagon, not only because it helps them to make their shops more prominent but also because lots and lots of consumers are patronizing stores offering such kind of promotion. In fact, this has been continuously drawing the attention of many consumers, home makers in particular, as it is relatively easy to save a lot of money with just a little planning and getting the right information.  Some people whom I know also resorted to trading to help each other save on their selected purchases.

Jabong Coupons is a typical example of a life style store that caters to the needs of various classes and ages. They have a complete line of women's clothing, accessories, men's fashion, home products and other great stuff that's always on the top of every consumer's shopping list.  Admittedly, if I were to choose, I would surely go for deals that's not only easy on the pocket but allows me to be flexible in my spending habits. Planning your purchases and getting organized will save you from a great deal of stress and impulse buying.

In this tight economy, it really pays to be smart and as a home maker, I am always on a look out for more ways to save money and for now, saving on my purchases using coupons is definitely a smart choice!

Teaching Your Kids To Be Responsible

If there's one good thing that I could be proud of myself....that is of being a Mom.  I wouldn't say that I'm a perfect Mom as I also had a share of ups and downs with both my son and daughter.  We had series of arguments, too.  But if there's one thing that made me feel satisfied being a mother is how I see my children now.  The fact that they both grew up to be loving, kind and responsible persons is enough reason for me to say that I was able to fulfill my obligations with flying colors.  I love the way they are now and I could see myself in them too.  Knowing that we share the same interests and passion only proves how close I am to them.  They say that children tend to mimic what they see from their parents, and if you are the type who could place a strong influence on your children , chances are they would look up on you and wish that they will be like you in so many ways.  You will be their source of inspiration and the kind of life you live will have a great influence on how they see themselves in the future.

I am proud to say that my children had acquired a bigger part of me. I used to tell my son that he is my male version and my daughter being a mini me. :)  I would say that I love them so dearly and that I am willing to do everything for them and for their future, but despite of this, I never made them feel so helpless and dependent on me.  I taught them how to be strong and how to be disciplined even without their parents by their side.  I told them that what they would make out of themselves now will have a tremendous impact on their future.  If they remain to be good, that will define their future and if they choose to be bad, that would define their failure. I always remind them the importance of the word "responsibility''. Being responsible on the courses of their actions will create a lasting impression to all the people that surrounds them.

I always wanted to give my children a comfortable life.  A kind of life that they would appreciate, but this doesn't stop me to teach them the value of life.  Good life comes so easily for the people who knows how to value hard work and  persevere.  I used to tell my kids that it takes time to be on top but the surest way to be there is to remain humble at all times, to be patient and focused on what they want and to always have that determination to succeed. 

I know that they are on the right track and I wouldn't stop being a Mom to them, not in this life time.

September 20, 2013

Why Use a Wedding Videographer?

Your wedding day is an extremely important day in your life; that’s why you spend months and months planning to make it just right. With all of the planning and money that goes into planning a wedding and all of the parties that go with it, the whole wedding experience is one of the most memorable parts of a person’s entire life. To help the memories live on forever, many people spend a lot of money on hiring a good photographer to document each moment of the big day. Pictures, however, can’t quite capture everything from the wedding day. Yes, you can get some great shots of the family and friends that attended and even some candids, but what about the dancing at the reception, the look on the groom’s face when he first sees his bride in her dress, the words spoken at the ceremony, etc.? As you can see, there are many very memorable moments that photographs may not be able to really capture on your wedding day. For this reason, many people choose to use a wedding videographer in Los Angeles to really preserve the memories.

The Benefits to Having a Wedding Video

A wedding videographer in Los Angeles can help you capture the memories of your big day in a very special way. A videographer works to capture the whole love story that has led a couple to their wedding day. A couple’s videographer will get to know the couple and get to know their style and taste. This way the videographer can cater a couple’s wedding video to their style; they will pick songs that the couple enjoys and typically change the style of how they put together their video to meet the interest of the couple. Additionally, a videographer can capture all of the happy moments of your ceremony, reception, and even photography sessions to provide you with the opportunity to relive those memories forever. They don’t simply film the day and put it on a disk for you, though; they put every moment together tastefully and artistically to provide you with a sentimental video that you will want to share.

Home Safety

Hubby and I used to talk about home safety every time we chat.  It's well expected as we are both working away from home. Since only my Mom, a house helper and kids are the ones staying at home most of the time, it is just normal that we often think not only about their comfort but also their safety.  Am glad that over the years that we're working abroad, we managed to secure the house in the best way we can, ensuring that it is flood free, safe and cannot be easily penetrated by crooks and thieves.  Apart from ensuring the safety of our home, I also wished to be well equipped with the basic safety and repair tools that every home should have.  I just want the basic actually.  For me a basic tool box should at least be consists of a hammer, screwdrivers, adjustable wrench, vice grips, cordless power drill and a torch.  I am not aiming for a complete line of tools, just the basic.  I don't need to purchase Reid Supply hand wheels or anything of that sort. :)

For me, it is a necessity to be armed with these basic tools. Although we could afford to hire the services of a handy man, it would also be nice if we could at least manage the basic stuff in the house like simple repairs that can be done using these basic tools.  But sad to say, since I'm always away from home, I didn't really have the time to master this craft. Glad that my son had already grown up to be a fine young man.  He could help me with those jobs I'm sure.   

This just reminds me that I should have to complete our tool box soon.  Any sale? :)

September 18, 2013

My Hands Are Full

I am a little bit behind in updating my blogs recently compared to how I did before.  Well, there's a lot of reasons which I can enumerate (call that a lame excuse) but I am really very busy lately.  I am occupied with a lot of things, not to mention that I am planning for a big change career wise.

Well, it is well expected that I am busier now as I am now attending to 5 blogs compared to only two blogs that I have before.  Aside from that, I have a full time job and running a small business in between. Not to mention that I have tons of reading materials to finish, responsibilities that I have to attend to at home, following up with how the kids are doing, how's home being managed and thinking about the health of my Mom.  I'm glad that hubby is fine and doing well in his job that I do not have to worry much about him.  I feel that I have a little time left to fulfill all the things that I've planned and that things keep on changing everyday.  How I wish a day is not only limited to 24 hours.  Anyway, I believe in challenges and that's what make our lives more exciting.

Sad to say, I was also disconnected to the off line world.  I could hardly catch up with friends now.  I've lost contact with them for quite a while.  This is what working overseas had brought me to.

Anyway, the good news is...I'm still able to manage quite well and what is important is that I still have a constant communication with all the members of the family despite the very busy schedule.  I know how important it is to stay connected to my family no matter what.  Anyway, things are picking up slowly but surely and I'm able to accomplish all my goals, (at least).

I'll be posting more of it soon. :)  

September 12, 2013

Why Moving to Tallahassee is a Great Idea

When a person considers relocating to another state, a lot of factors should be taken into thought: the crime rate, as well as the rate of employment, and even the behavior of the real estate market. All these, more often than not, are determining elements as to the livability of any particular region or state.

The city of Tallahassee in Florida is among the most popular choices for migrants who wish to move permanently to the Sunshine State. The following are some of the reasons that make it a favorite among migrants:

1. Tallahassee is a city that's pretty much set for huge developments.

Aside from the fact that it is a small community in a pretty big county, there is so much room for arts, dancing, and other productive hobbies for the young people of Tallahassee. So if you are looking to or already have children to raise as you move to your new home, it should be one of the ones that top your list!

2. It's undeniably in a very favorable geographical location.

On an amazingly cloudless day, climb up the 22nd floor and marvel at the beauty of St. Mark's. Moreover, constant travelers don't have to worry about anything as Panama City International Airport is just an hour and a half away. Its great proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, Torreya State Park, and the Caverns of Marianna is also something to be happy about.

3. The real estate market only gets better and better.

Houses, condos, town houses, and apartments in Tallahassee are aplenty and what makes it all better is that they are affordable as well. These all appeal to a variety of buyers -- from condo lifestyle buyers, to single family home buyers, to partners or couple person and so on. What generally draws many to relocate in Tallahassee is the absence of state income tax and lower property taxes, which make investors earn really high profits within a shorter span of time compared to national average.

4. Local businesses are healthily thriving in the city of Tallahassee.

Aside from national and international retails and establishments, local businesses also abound the county. This is a good sign, indicating that many if not most of the residents patronize local goods and services.

5. The weather is definitely worth the move.

While many parts of Florida have the classic sizzling summer hot weather for which the state gained its title as the "Sunshine State", Tallahassee is ideal for those who don't idolize the heat that much. Because of its inland location and the abundance of trees and hills, its residents can enjoy full year's seasons with moderate winds and wonderful spring breeze that make for awesome kite-flying sessions.

6. Tallahassee is an environment-conscious county.

From residential, to industrial and commercial establishments, you will notice how green processes are stressed and valued in Tallahassee. Technology and education are moreover utilized in the development of modern methods that will aid in recycling, repurposing, and regenerating waste materials. 

Cedric Loiselle is a talented and passionate writer who enjoys providing useful information for the real estate niche.

September 7, 2013

Why move to Tampa Bay?

Tampa Bay, Florida is a city ideal for those who seriously enjoy spending much of their time on the beach and yet still set aside a good deal of time learning about culture and art. Tampa Bay is home to world-class beaches that have attracted a long list of celebrities and historical personalities. Furthermore, the city has other attractions that will surely satisfy the mind like the Tampa Aquarium and the Henry Plant Museum. So for those planning to uproot themselves to migrate to someplace more exhilarating and mentally stimulating, it’s time to rent a place in Tampa Bay. Here’s why:

World-class beach resorts

Get confused—but the good kind—with all the beaches in the shores of Tampa Bay. The city is lined with beautifully lush beaches. The sand is powder-fine and the water is as blue as a beautiful sunny afternoon. No one will ever feel out of place in the shores of Tampa Bay because resorts of varying themes are very available. The following are top resorts found on the shores of Tampa Bay:

  • Caladesi Island State Park-It is a beautiful island that has retained all of its natural wonders. Because of its location, people come to the island by ferry. Kids and adults alike will definitely love the adventure that awaits them in the island.
  • Sand Key County Park
Near the island of Clearwater is a resort of tranquil waters that is really to die for. For those looking for a nice and quiet place to relax and enjoy the sun, this is the beach for you.

  • Fort De Soto County Park, North Beach

Fort De Soto is one of the world’s best beaches. According to numerous magazine reviews, the beach was twice ranked as America’s No. 1 beach. Its class and natural beauty attracts thousands and thousands of visitors from all over the globe and no matter how divers the population of the resort, there’s always a sense of harmony among the guests.

The Tampa Aquarium

Another reason why you should move to one of the apartments in Tampa Bay, is because of the Tampa Aquarium. It is home to a variety of wildlife. Furthermore, most of the aquarium grounds are natural. Here you can marvel at aquatic life such as turtles, eels, crocodiles, birds, and reptiles. Kids and adults alike can even enjoy an up close and personal encounter with stingrays and starfishes. The aquarium also has a boat ride that allows you to marvel at wild dolphins as they play and swim about in the coast of Tampa Bay.  There are plenty more activities to do in the Tampa Bay Aquarium. The parents can even enjoy a great night of partying. Thanks to a seemingly endless assortment of beers to choose from, dad can really say “Now, this is living.”

Henry B. Plant Museum

The city also has its fair share of culture and history. No more can this be experienced than the Henry B. Plant Museum. The museum features exhibits dating from the Victorian Period up to how Tampa Bay came to be. The main piece of the gallery, however, is the restored and well-preserved 1891 railroad resort. People all over the world, including a number of American Presidents have come to the museum to take a look at the history that is very well kept in it.

Cedric Loiselle is a talented and passionate writer who enjoys providing useful information for the real estate niche.

September 6, 2013

On Grilling Veggies

Now that I'm really determined to adopt a healthy habit, I am always on a look out for ways on how could I possibly eat a variety of veggies with much delight.  I would admit, I seldom eat veggies out of having the thoughts that my body needs it for additional health benefits but the enjoyment of eating the food is not really there.  Of course, I wanted to be healthy and at the same time enjoy the foods that I take.

Now, I'was able to read an article where veggies are grilled to perfection.  Adding some spices such as garlic powder and black pepper plus a dash of olive oil  makes the vegetable dish more appetizing.  I think this simple trick will also work for my daughter who really doesn't like to eat vegetables that much.  She's a great fan of meat and so, I am thinking of marinating vegetables the way I do for meats and hoping that somehow, it could bring out more flavor to the veggies and entice my daughter to eat these more often.  I would also be on look out for more vegetable recipes with much emphasis to grilling and steaming as these are the more healthy ways of cooking foods.

Cheers to a healthy life style! 
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