September 20, 2013

Home Safety

Hubby and I used to talk about home safety every time we chat.  It's well expected as we are both working away from home. Since only my Mom, a house helper and kids are the ones staying at home most of the time, it is just normal that we often think not only about their comfort but also their safety.  Am glad that over the years that we're working abroad, we managed to secure the house in the best way we can, ensuring that it is flood free, safe and cannot be easily penetrated by crooks and thieves.  Apart from ensuring the safety of our home, I also wished to be well equipped with the basic safety and repair tools that every home should have.  I just want the basic actually.  For me a basic tool box should at least be consists of a hammer, screwdrivers, adjustable wrench, vice grips, cordless power drill and a torch.  I am not aiming for a complete line of tools, just the basic.  I don't need to purchase Reid Supply hand wheels or anything of that sort. :)

For me, it is a necessity to be armed with these basic tools. Although we could afford to hire the services of a handy man, it would also be nice if we could at least manage the basic stuff in the house like simple repairs that can be done using these basic tools.  But sad to say, since I'm always away from home, I didn't really have the time to master this craft. Glad that my son had already grown up to be a fine young man.  He could help me with those jobs I'm sure.   

This just reminds me that I should have to complete our tool box soon.  Any sale? :)

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