September 23, 2013

Killer Flood Hits Olongapo and Subic

I was in the office this morning and wasn't really checking my cell phone until after I had my lunch break nearly 1 PM.  I was shocked with the messages that I've received from both my son and daughter.  They really get into further details as to what has been going on at home but they are just pleading me to call them immediately.  Before I lost contact with them, they managed to mention on the very last message I've received that the whole city and the surrounding towns were terribly flooded.

I've tried to call them a number of times but it was too late, probably because the entire city had lost the power connection and I was thinking that all their cell phones were probably "low bat".  I couldn't contact through our land line, too.  I was feeling uneasy the rest of the afternoon until late in the evening.  I was trying to contact my husband through Skype but probably he was at work, too.

During times like these, I wish I was home.  I wish I could be fully aware of what's happening to my family 24 hours a day.  My worries were also heightened by the fact that our house helper was on day off since Sunday.  I could imagine that both my kids were having a hard time because of the situation.  I'm not even sure if they are totally safe.  I got a news late afternoon that the flood has already subside.  But I wasn't sure of the aftermath.    I managed to ask my house helper who was staying with her son and daughter at the time to contact someone from our neighbors to check on the situation of my family.  This could help me to relax a bit.  Glad I was told, they're safe.  But I knew for a fact that there is a lot of inconveniences at home brought about by the flash flood.  I am not yet sure of the extent but I am crossing my fingers that everything would be manageable.

All I can do now is pray and wish that everything will be okay soon and that I could already be in contact with them as soon as the power resumed.

Please pray for our family and the rest of the people affected by this calamity. Let's just hope that everything will be back to normal soon.

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