September 18, 2013

My Hands Are Full

I am a little bit behind in updating my blogs recently compared to how I did before.  Well, there's a lot of reasons which I can enumerate (call that a lame excuse) but I am really very busy lately.  I am occupied with a lot of things, not to mention that I am planning for a big change career wise.

Well, it is well expected that I am busier now as I am now attending to 5 blogs compared to only two blogs that I have before.  Aside from that, I have a full time job and running a small business in between. Not to mention that I have tons of reading materials to finish, responsibilities that I have to attend to at home, following up with how the kids are doing, how's home being managed and thinking about the health of my Mom.  I'm glad that hubby is fine and doing well in his job that I do not have to worry much about him.  I feel that I have a little time left to fulfill all the things that I've planned and that things keep on changing everyday.  How I wish a day is not only limited to 24 hours.  Anyway, I believe in challenges and that's what make our lives more exciting.

Sad to say, I was also disconnected to the off line world.  I could hardly catch up with friends now.  I've lost contact with them for quite a while.  This is what working overseas had brought me to.

Anyway, the good news is...I'm still able to manage quite well and what is important is that I still have a constant communication with all the members of the family despite the very busy schedule.  I know how important it is to stay connected to my family no matter what.  Anyway, things are picking up slowly but surely and I'm able to accomplish all my goals, (at least).

I'll be posting more of it soon. :)  

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