September 21, 2013

Teaching Your Kids To Be Responsible

If there's one good thing that I could be proud of myself....that is of being a Mom.  I wouldn't say that I'm a perfect Mom as I also had a share of ups and downs with both my son and daughter.  We had series of arguments, too.  But if there's one thing that made me feel satisfied being a mother is how I see my children now.  The fact that they both grew up to be loving, kind and responsible persons is enough reason for me to say that I was able to fulfill my obligations with flying colors.  I love the way they are now and I could see myself in them too.  Knowing that we share the same interests and passion only proves how close I am to them.  They say that children tend to mimic what they see from their parents, and if you are the type who could place a strong influence on your children , chances are they would look up on you and wish that they will be like you in so many ways.  You will be their source of inspiration and the kind of life you live will have a great influence on how they see themselves in the future.

I am proud to say that my children had acquired a bigger part of me. I used to tell my son that he is my male version and my daughter being a mini me. :)  I would say that I love them so dearly and that I am willing to do everything for them and for their future, but despite of this, I never made them feel so helpless and dependent on me.  I taught them how to be strong and how to be disciplined even without their parents by their side.  I told them that what they would make out of themselves now will have a tremendous impact on their future.  If they remain to be good, that will define their future and if they choose to be bad, that would define their failure. I always remind them the importance of the word "responsibility''. Being responsible on the courses of their actions will create a lasting impression to all the people that surrounds them.

I always wanted to give my children a comfortable life.  A kind of life that they would appreciate, but this doesn't stop me to teach them the value of life.  Good life comes so easily for the people who knows how to value hard work and  persevere.  I used to tell my kids that it takes time to be on top but the surest way to be there is to remain humble at all times, to be patient and focused on what they want and to always have that determination to succeed. 

I know that they are on the right track and I wouldn't stop being a Mom to them, not in this life time.

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