September 7, 2013

Why move to Tampa Bay?

Tampa Bay, Florida is a city ideal for those who seriously enjoy spending much of their time on the beach and yet still set aside a good deal of time learning about culture and art. Tampa Bay is home to world-class beaches that have attracted a long list of celebrities and historical personalities. Furthermore, the city has other attractions that will surely satisfy the mind like the Tampa Aquarium and the Henry Plant Museum. So for those planning to uproot themselves to migrate to someplace more exhilarating and mentally stimulating, it’s time to rent a place in Tampa Bay. Here’s why:

World-class beach resorts

Get confused—but the good kind—with all the beaches in the shores of Tampa Bay. The city is lined with beautifully lush beaches. The sand is powder-fine and the water is as blue as a beautiful sunny afternoon. No one will ever feel out of place in the shores of Tampa Bay because resorts of varying themes are very available. The following are top resorts found on the shores of Tampa Bay:

  • Caladesi Island State Park-It is a beautiful island that has retained all of its natural wonders. Because of its location, people come to the island by ferry. Kids and adults alike will definitely love the adventure that awaits them in the island.
  • Sand Key County Park
Near the island of Clearwater is a resort of tranquil waters that is really to die for. For those looking for a nice and quiet place to relax and enjoy the sun, this is the beach for you.

  • Fort De Soto County Park, North Beach

Fort De Soto is one of the world’s best beaches. According to numerous magazine reviews, the beach was twice ranked as America’s No. 1 beach. Its class and natural beauty attracts thousands and thousands of visitors from all over the globe and no matter how divers the population of the resort, there’s always a sense of harmony among the guests.

The Tampa Aquarium

Another reason why you should move to one of the apartments in Tampa Bay, is because of the Tampa Aquarium. It is home to a variety of wildlife. Furthermore, most of the aquarium grounds are natural. Here you can marvel at aquatic life such as turtles, eels, crocodiles, birds, and reptiles. Kids and adults alike can even enjoy an up close and personal encounter with stingrays and starfishes. The aquarium also has a boat ride that allows you to marvel at wild dolphins as they play and swim about in the coast of Tampa Bay.  There are plenty more activities to do in the Tampa Bay Aquarium. The parents can even enjoy a great night of partying. Thanks to a seemingly endless assortment of beers to choose from, dad can really say “Now, this is living.”

Henry B. Plant Museum

The city also has its fair share of culture and history. No more can this be experienced than the Henry B. Plant Museum. The museum features exhibits dating from the Victorian Period up to how Tampa Bay came to be. The main piece of the gallery, however, is the restored and well-preserved 1891 railroad resort. People all over the world, including a number of American Presidents have come to the museum to take a look at the history that is very well kept in it.

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