September 12, 2013

Why Moving to Tallahassee is a Great Idea

When a person considers relocating to another state, a lot of factors should be taken into thought: the crime rate, as well as the rate of employment, and even the behavior of the real estate market. All these, more often than not, are determining elements as to the livability of any particular region or state.

The city of Tallahassee in Florida is among the most popular choices for migrants who wish to move permanently to the Sunshine State. The following are some of the reasons that make it a favorite among migrants:

1. Tallahassee is a city that's pretty much set for huge developments.

Aside from the fact that it is a small community in a pretty big county, there is so much room for arts, dancing, and other productive hobbies for the young people of Tallahassee. So if you are looking to or already have children to raise as you move to your new home, it should be one of the ones that top your list!

2. It's undeniably in a very favorable geographical location.

On an amazingly cloudless day, climb up the 22nd floor and marvel at the beauty of St. Mark's. Moreover, constant travelers don't have to worry about anything as Panama City International Airport is just an hour and a half away. Its great proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, Torreya State Park, and the Caverns of Marianna is also something to be happy about.

3. The real estate market only gets better and better.

Houses, condos, town houses, and apartments in Tallahassee are aplenty and what makes it all better is that they are affordable as well. These all appeal to a variety of buyers -- from condo lifestyle buyers, to single family home buyers, to partners or couple person and so on. What generally draws many to relocate in Tallahassee is the absence of state income tax and lower property taxes, which make investors earn really high profits within a shorter span of time compared to national average.

4. Local businesses are healthily thriving in the city of Tallahassee.

Aside from national and international retails and establishments, local businesses also abound the county. This is a good sign, indicating that many if not most of the residents patronize local goods and services.

5. The weather is definitely worth the move.

While many parts of Florida have the classic sizzling summer hot weather for which the state gained its title as the "Sunshine State", Tallahassee is ideal for those who don't idolize the heat that much. Because of its inland location and the abundance of trees and hills, its residents can enjoy full year's seasons with moderate winds and wonderful spring breeze that make for awesome kite-flying sessions.

6. Tallahassee is an environment-conscious county.

From residential, to industrial and commercial establishments, you will notice how green processes are stressed and valued in Tallahassee. Technology and education are moreover utilized in the development of modern methods that will aid in recycling, repurposing, and regenerating waste materials. 

Cedric Loiselle is a talented and passionate writer who enjoys providing useful information for the real estate niche.

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