October 31, 2013

PRK Eye Surgery: What to Expect

Modern technology has provided many options for eye care. Glasses have evolved with thinner lenses and less conspicuous frames; contact lenses have become more comfortable, more affordable, and more specialized to specific needs; and corrective eye surgery has bloomed as a field, offering permanent solutions with various types of procedures catered to fit individuals. When deciding which of these vision assists to pursue, it is a good idea to learn as much as you can about each option. While most people know about glasses and contact lenses, and many have heard about LASIK surgery, less know about PRK eye surgery, which is just as viable a vision solution as the rest.

The Basics of PRK Eye Surgery

PRK stands for Photorefractive Keratectomy, and has been used as a vision corrective procedure since the mid-Eighties. Like LASIK, it involves the use of a laser to reshape the cornea. Unlike LASIK, PRK does not require creating a flap and is therefore more suited to patients with thinner corneas or other issues that make LASIK less viable.

Before the procedure, the surgeon makes a topographic map of the eye. This map allows the surgeon to target the areas where the excimer laser will reshape the cornea. The eyelid is held open and the technician adds a few drops of anesthetic to numb the pain. Once this is done, and the machine is calibrated to the correct setting in accordance with the topographical scan, the surgeon begins.

Coating the cornea is the epithelium, a surface layer of cells that protects the eye. This layer is removed with the laser so that the reshaping can take place. The epithelium regenerates in under a week. Cold laser pulses are then administered to reshape the surface of the cornea without touching deeper tissue. Once the procedure is finished—a process that takes approximately one minute—a contact lens is applied which acts like a clear Band-Aid. Unlike LASIK, there is very little tissue removed during the process, so the cornea retains its integrity.

Post Operation

Recovery from PRK eye surgery usually takes longer than a recovery associated with LASIK surgery. The contact lens is removed after the epithelium is regenerated, and the patient is treated with antibiotics and other anti-inflammatory eye drops over the course of several months. The eye may be more irritated, but the results are just as spectacular as LASIK methods, with the great majority of patients regaining 20/20 vision.

October 29, 2013

Ensaladang Ampalaya

Since the time I came back home, I've been experimenting with lots of dishes and  I'm trying to test my skill in budgeting.  I am now the official cook in the house and I do it upon the request of my two kids who had been longing to taste my dishes.  I couldn't blame them.  I was practically out of home for more than six years due to my work abroad.  I do cook for them once in a while when I'm on vacation but that's very seldom, so I also feel that I have to make it up with them.  I don't have much problem with my boy as he eats everything be it vegetables, meats or fish.  The one big challenge is my daughter who's really into meats.  She seldom eats vegetables and only chooses the ones she really likes which I can practically count using my fingers. :)

Right now, apart from baking, I'm much into cooking and I am hoping to get more recipes so I could try a variety of dishes.  I don't want to keep on repeating same dishes every week so I must exert extra time and effort to research and experiment.

I've seen one ensalada recipe using ampalaya and I think this is best to go with fried fish or grilled pork chops or liempo.  Thanks to lutongpinoy.info for the recipe.

2 medium sized ampalaya
2 pcs. Medium ripe tomatoes, sliced
1 regular sized onion, sliced
Salt to taste
1 tsp Sugar
¼ cup Cane Vinegar
1. Put water and sprinkle with salt in a crystal/plastic bowl.
2. Wash Ampalaya and remove seeds.
3. Sliced thinly and soak in water with salt.
4. In a bowl, dissolve sugar in cane vinegar.
5. Drain Ampalaya. Sprinkle with salt. Using a wooden or plastic ladle, add in all ingredients and mix well.

I got to try this next week. :)

October 28, 2013

Pop Rock Music

I wonder if anyone here is a fan of pop rock music?  I was really never into pop rock even during my younger years.  I just don't appreciate that kind of music but I don't have any qualms about those who love this kind of genre.  Each one of us has her own preference anyway. Since I never stay long in the Philippines for the past six years, I am not really updated into the kind of music that's now popular in the Philippines.  I happened to watch some local TV programs and was surprised that Yeng Constantino who was a a "Star Grand Dreamer" of Pinoy Dream Academy (a reality TV show) has gone too far as a recording artist.  Yeng became an instant favorite of the Pinoy Dream Academy's followers not only because she sings well but also because she can compose her own songs and plays guitar so well.  I think she is a former band member or vocalist.  She's now the country's one of the hottest pop rock singer.  I wonder if she was trained in martin cst 000x1ae electric guitar (lol). 

Her talent in music has brought her into great heights.  She has been a recipient of several awards and she is now a well acclaimed pop rock star.  Way to go Yeng!

October 26, 2013

My First Week Back in the Philippines

I have already completed my first week back in the Philippines and I would say that I'm pretty much busy during this period.  As usual, I've done my cleaning chores in the house.  We're still in the process of cleaning up as we were affected by the great flood last September 23.  Although the kids and the house helper had already done around 80% of the cleaning and organizing, I still have to do the final touch up. People in the house knew me so well.  I want everything clean and organized and that I wouldn't settle for less.  :)

But apart from from cleaning up, I was able to have a great bonding time with the kids.  We were able to watch two movies, dine out a number of times and had a movie marathon at home.  We also do house chores together like bathing our pet dogs Lucio and Marcus, clearing up the yard and closets.  We're planning to hold a garage sale early next month as we wanted to get rid of the stuff that we don't actually need anymore but may still be useful for other people. So I guess, it will be a win-win situation.  I would be able to declutter and at the same time, earn a little out of the useless stuff in the house.  I would also be able to help others who would be needing those things in their house by allowing them to have those things at a very cheap price.

I still have a number of things to do in my list and that would take place after we are done with the custom made furniture that our wood carpenter is doing for us right now.  I have to replace the bedroom cabinet and the TV racks in the living room and bedroom, as well.  I still have lots of things to do in the next few weeks but I'm enjoying my time at home.  

There's really no place like home! :)

October 16, 2013

What You Can Do from and on a Yacht

How would you feel if you could spend a few hours on a yacht, living the good life? You can do that with boat rentals in Marina Del Rey. With the rentals, fabulous meals can be provided. Beverages can also be provided. The destinations you can go to are places you can get off the boat and take advantage of the food and nightlife on the islands, and then return to the boat to spend the night. Other trips are such that you don’t get off the boat, but you enjoy the beautiful water, the wildlife, and scenery that you will find all around the boat.

Island Fun

If you get off at one of the islands, you can go fishing, scuba diving, sailing, kayaking, biking, to spas, to museums, snorkeling, golfing, hiking, ocean rafting, food tasting, stargazing, on ecotours, on glass-bottom boat tours, on trolleys, on ghost tours, on Jeep tours, miniature golfing, to the movies, on Segway rentals, on walking tours, on wildlife observations, on ziplines, on flying fish tours, parasailing, and just have fun at the casino. You don’t have to do all of these in one trip; you can save some things to do on later trips.

Fun from the Boat

Staying on the boat has its perks too. There are dolphins, whales, and seals that are just waiting to entertain you that you will be able to see while you are on the boat. The boat can be anchored and you can have some fun on jet skis, or you can go snorkeling and view the beautiful underwater world. You can go deep sea fishing and catch some fish for eating on the boat or after you get home. Scuba diving is also something you can do from the boat, and they will have all of the gear you can need to have a great time. You can also charter boat rentals in Marina Del Rey for weddings, corporate events, holiday parties, celebrations, family reunions, and any other events that would be even better if held on a yacht. The sea breeze, the sun, the moon, the good company, and good food will combine to make for a wonderful time that will be remembered for years to come.

October 13, 2013

How I Will Remember Cambodia....

I am now on my last two days in Cambodia, a country which I considered my home for the past 6 years. To many, Cambodia maybe a picture of an underdeveloped country, a country that's far far behind from it's neighboring countries in South East Asia.  A country which only few people would dare to visit due to the absence of a well developed infrastructure, tall buildings, big malls, and all other attractions that tourists would always love to see.  I would admit, this was also how I picture Cambodia in my mind the first time I set foot on this foreign land.  But my impression of Cambodia has changed during my more than 6 years of continuous stay here.  I've found out that the country is more than just an underdeveloped country.  Contrary to what other people think and believe, the country is rich in natural resources.  If we are looking for a serene place far away from the bustling noise of the city, where our heart would rest in peace and quiet, then Cambodia is a perfect place to go.  

Those who love adventure and state of the art technology may not be able to relate to what I'm saying as I would describe Cambodia on a different perspective.  In this country, I've learned how to live a simple life, understand how Cambodians appreciate life after that traumatic Khmer Rouge.  Staying in this land had thought me a number of things and had enabled me to appreciate life more than ever.  Knowing how Cambodians suffered during the Khmer Rouge and how this created a big impact to the downfall of their country made me think that we are so blessed being Filipinos.  While we attack the Philippine government for not being able to provide a quality education and the best public schools in the country, I felt more privileged knowing that not all children here are able to attend a decent school.  I saw how people here live a simple life and yet, they are happy just the way they are.  They are warm, friendly and hospitable.

They love gatherings and they are very much attached to their traditions.  Contrary to what other people think, they had a lot to offer in terms of tourism.  They had the magnificent Angkor Wat, the beautiful beaches at Sihanoukville, the eye catching water falls and greenery and a number of temples which very well speak of their history.  They have a different kind of architecture when it comes to their public buildings which are usually French inspired.

How I will remember this country?  I will remember this country as a simple and happy place and a home to many Filipinos.  They maybe underdeveloped, but this country was able to give thousand of jobs not only to many Filipinos but to other nationalities as well.  It's good location and bountiful resources was able to attract many investors and had paved the way to the creation of more jobs for expats.

I will remember Cambodia to be a home to my many local friends, who in one way or another had inspired me to stay here and appreciate life, other people and culture.  Should I say that I began to appreciate the beauty of traveling and started dreaming of going to many places when I finally got here?

Cambodia will always have a soft spot in my heart.  I wish to be back here to visit Angkor Wat in the future with my family and I hope by then, I could see Cambodia to be more developed, more productive and more determined to recover from the bitter memories of the Khmer Rouge.

I've enjoyed my stay here and I never regret being a part of this beautiful country.

"Awkun Charan".   :)


October 5, 2013

Top Tips for Finding that Perfect Holiday Apartment in Greece

Follow this Advice to Find a Great Place to Stay When in Greece

                                             Photo by Peter Moons / Flickr

Want to find a holiday rental in Greece? The good news is that there are lot of options available. So many choices can also be bad news, however, if you don't know which apartment or villa to rent while you're on holiday. You want to find something with a fair and reasonable price, but you also want to make sure you have everything you need to enjoy your time off.

Finding the Perfect Holiday Apartment

Here is some advice to make sure you get the most out of your holiday rental in Greece.

Know Wants and Needs - The first thing you need to do is sit down and write out or type up a list of exactly what you want and need from an apartment. You'll be using this information when you search for holiday rentals online. 

Remember Your Budget - You also want to make sure you're realistic about your budget and how much money you have to spend on somewhere to stay in Greece. Knowing this before you start your search can save you a lot of time. 

Search Online - Once you've written up your list and taken a look at your budget, it's time to start searching online. Create a list of possibilities while crossing off properties that don't meet your wants, needs or budget. 

Make the Calls - After you have your short list of potential properties to stay at in Greece, the next step is to make calls and get more information, including answers to any questions you might have about the apartment or lease. This is going to take some time, but it's better to spend it before you leave on holiday so you don't waste any of your precious relaxing time. 

Get Professional Help - This isn't cheating. In fact, some would consider it very smart. When you get assistance finding a holiday rental with someone who has been through the process before, you're going to have an easier time finding something perfect. Casamundo Holidays is one of many companies out there where you can find holiday apartments in Greece without having to deal with all the hassles of hunting for the best holiday rental on your own. If you're planning a trip for any reason, they can help with all the small details while at the same time helping you avoid potential disasters - like getting to Greece and finding out the apartment or villa isn't what you were expecting.

About the Author of Top Tips for Finding that Perfect Holiday Apartment in Greece

John has been vacationing around the world since he was a young child. He uses all his practical experience to help other people get good deals when trying to travel to various locations around the world. He also likes to write guest posts to help people learn how to get more out of life.

October 4, 2013

Cucumber Cups

There's one thing that I would like to reveal here, I'm addicted to cucumbers!  Yes I am.  Every time I see a cucumber, I cannot help but have a bite.  It's one item that I never missed out in my shopping list.  I love the idea that it is a versatile ingredient to various dishes that I prepare.  I usually use it for my side dishes like "ensaladas", bottled pickles, salads, or simply as a healthy snack.  I love cucumber the way it is but I also love to experiment in the kitchen and discover more ways to prepare healthy meals with cucumbers.  Thus, the moment I saw this recipe online, I didn't think twice but to grab it. 

Thanks to domesticfits for sharing the recipe and the wonderful presentation of this cucumber cups.  I think this recipe would be a great addition to any party.  The ingredients are very basic and are readily available in your pantry.

Crab meats, green onions, long cucumber, cream cheese, sour cream and hot pepper sauce are all what you need to prepare the stuffing.  I think, crab meat could be replaced by shrimps, ground beef or steamed chicken.  Your choice.

I would love to try this one at home soon. :)

Enjoy Shopping Using Voucher Codes

It's October and I could already smell the aura of the holiday season! I bet the first thing that comes to our mind is preparing our Christmas decors as well as the gifts for our friends and loved ones.  Shopping during the holidays season is normal as this is the time where people prepare and cook special meals for the whole family.  This is also the time where we exchange gifts and remember people who matters most to us.  Gift giving activity has been my favorite part in celebrating Christmas as this is the time to remember and appreciate people who had been part of our lives.  For others, this is the most stressful time of the year as they normally equate it with huge spending.  

It is therefore essential for every person to be smart and find ways to save without spoiling the gift giving tradition.  Normally, most people, especially the home makers would resort to getting voucher codes to extend their shopping money.  Why not? Use of voucher codes enable us to get huge discounts on most goods and products as well as on grocery items that are essential in celebrating our most awaited time of the year.  Good thing that there's Sainsburys voucher codes where we could take advantage of huge discounts on most goods and services from more than 3,000 retailers in the UK market.

Most online retailers allow their customers to get their voucher codes so that they can get additional discounts and save more on their online purchases.  This is a great thing for every consumer especially when you are a busy person and purchasing online proves to be much more practical and convenient.  Some other companies even allow reusing the codes unlike coupons that were obtained from newspapers and magazines.

It's a great thing to be prepared for the holidays and one way to of doing it is to start going through those codes and deals from our trusted resources.  Voucher codes and deals can also be delivered direct to your inbox so you would be kept informed on the latest deals from your favorite stores.

That's what we called shopping convenience.

Eleven Days To Go!

Since I've decided to quit my job abroad, I had this feeling which is quite hard to explain. I feel like my decision was very liberating. I feel that sooner, I could have the freedom to do things which I truly love and derived great pleasure and happiness just by being me. To be reunited with my family for good is one great thing that excites me. I'm able to survive six long years of working abroad and I would admit, it has done a lot of good things to the family financially. I considered myself very lucky in the sense that my son and daughter remained to be my faithful children all through these years. No doubt that I am not always by their side most of the time for the past six years but they remained to be disciplined and loving children and for that, I am very grateful. I know that it's not easy for them to continue with their lives without me and their Dad at their side, but they survived with flying colors.

Now that I've decided to have a grand homecoming, I could only feel the excitement in their voice whenever they mention about the final date where I could be home for good. I know they've missed me that much. I used to take my vacation twice a year but I know that it's not enough time to bond with them.

My decision to quit my job happened as a result of too many things and events that took place for the past months.  I'm getting a good pay, that's  a fact. But sometimes, our happiness counts more than anything else. I value my family and I wanted to see them happy and that's going to happen very soon.

Eleven more days to go and I'm free! :)

October 3, 2013

Hotel Services on Catalina Island

When people think of hotels, what comes to mind is probably a brief overnight stay in a neat and fairly sterile room. It’s a nice change of pace. But most people probably don’t think of all of the other services offered by places like Catalina Island’s Hotel Metropole. You can use these amenities for a brief getaway, but you can also use them for business interactions or conferences, as well as weddings.

A Luxurious Getaway

Many people can’t afford to escape to Hawaii on a regular basis. The great thing about living in Southern California is that you have an island just a couple of hours off the coast. You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars on airfare or take a week-long trip for an island vacation. When you take the ferry ride over to the island, you can visit for a day, or you can stay overnight. Hotel amenities vary according to your budget and your desires. You can stay in regular guest rooms, which offer full or partial ocean views, or courtyard, hillside, or driveway views. There are also mini suites available.

Business Trips

At some point you may have visited a hotel for a conference of some kind of a big company gathering. The same goes for an island hotel. There is a conference room available with audio-visual equipment for presentations. There’s also high-speed Internet for the convenience of the employees or clients. Catering services are also offered, which you may find useful depending on the length and time of your event. Should your conference break into different sessions, there are also breakout rooms available.

Wedding Events

That Hawaiian wedding and honeymoon may have been outside of your budget, but Catalina Island’s Hotel Metropole offers a luxurious beach house that you can use for an overnight stay. With a considerable amount of square footage as well as a king-sized bed and Jacuzzi bath, this could be a great place to stay overnight after your wedding. You may also want to look into packages that include spa treatments and dinner. Outdoor activities are another option for physically active newlyweds. Look into all of your hotel options, whether for a brief getaway, business event, or wedding. 

October 2, 2013

Bits and Pieces of My Homecoming

Out of excitement and anticipation to my grand home coming, I have started packing my things this early. I want to make sure that I would be able to bring home all my important stuff.  Working 6 years in this country is no joke.  I've acquired lots of personal things which I am stocking up in my humble room.  Even I'm working away from home, I felt the necessity of buying the usual stuff that would make my life comfortable here in Cambodia.  I could not do away with just clothes and shoes.  I have to buy cleaning materials, cooking utensils and some storage bins for laundry and all those other stuff that would make me fee I'm home.  Now, it's time to choose what things should I bring back and what things should be left in my room.  I am planning to talk to our HR personnel to allow the housekeeping staff to collect my personal things when they clear my room after I left.  At least I know that my things would still be of use to others especially for some locals who do not earn that much.  That's already my way of helping them. :)

I have already booked my one way ticket during the last week of September.  The initial plan of meeting up with the kids at Bangkok didn't pursue as we had sudden change of plans.  The unexpected calamity that struck our city last September 23 is one the major reasons why we changed plans.  Besides, it's exam week in school and it won't really be a nice move for the kids to go on a trip during this time.  So we've all agreed that they will just pick me at the airport in the Philippines.    

I've booked 40 kilos for my check in baggage.  I don't even know whether I would be able to carry that much to the airport in Bangkok.  But, I couldn't let go of my favorite stuff, so we'll see.  

Meanwhile, I am yet to master the art of packing to maximize the space in my luggage bag.  It's a tough job as I have to go through my things one by one but still, I have to do it.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to my trip back home.  I need to get things done to avoid cramming. So, I better start early.


Apartments to Rent In Birmingham City Centre

One of London’s busiest towns is Birmingham City Center. The activity level in this city is very high and so is the occupancy level. Moving to Birmingham City Center is not just a popular choice for some; it is also required by those who want to be near to their work, school, family, or any other place they choose to be close to. If you are one of those people who choose to find apartments to rent in Birmingham City Center, then Netmovers can help you to do this move and get settled in as fast as you need to be.

The hassles that are associated with moving to another city can be a lot. It can involve all types of difficult scenarios and occurrences. The professionals at Netmovers are trained to eliminate the hassles out of moving your possessions safely and securely to wherever you choose to settle. The easier you have it to move, the more receptive you will be to the idea of moving.

Once you have your sights set on an apartment for rent in Birmingham City Centre then you can be sure that there is an easier way of doing so. Once you have access to the right mode of getting this transition done, then you will be better able to get this done in an efficient manner.

Using Netmovers to get this task done can benefit you greatly in the long run, whether it is with price, ease of access, or even a limited amount of time consumed with searching for the right apartment. They will ensure that they cover all the necessaries included in finding, selecting, and moving to a new apartment.

You can never go wrong with knowing that you have help to find the perfect one for you. The list of apartments that are available varies. It is assured that you will be able to find the best one to suit your living needs and those of your family as well. If you are working with a set amount of money, then you need not worry, because you are able to find an apartment that is within your budget.

Netmovers have dedicated their time and services to the aiding of their clients to find the apartments of their choice. They understand the hassle of searching for the right apartment and moving, so they have tried to eliminate the main problem. This has to do with the searching and comparing of prices to ensure that you will not have to deal with that hassle when deciding to move. They know how to ensure that you get quality for your money and satisfaction as a result.

Many individuals have utilized the services of Netmovers and they are satisfied with the level of service that was given. Not only were they allowed to move into the neighborhood of their choice, but they were also able to do it at a price they can afford.

If you are thinking of moving and you want to find Apartments to rent in Birmingham City Centre then try Netmovers and you will be amazed at what they can do for you today.

Written by Jamie Bolshaw for Net Movers.
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