October 4, 2013

Cucumber Cups

There's one thing that I would like to reveal here, I'm addicted to cucumbers!  Yes I am.  Every time I see a cucumber, I cannot help but have a bite.  It's one item that I never missed out in my shopping list.  I love the idea that it is a versatile ingredient to various dishes that I prepare.  I usually use it for my side dishes like "ensaladas", bottled pickles, salads, or simply as a healthy snack.  I love cucumber the way it is but I also love to experiment in the kitchen and discover more ways to prepare healthy meals with cucumbers.  Thus, the moment I saw this recipe online, I didn't think twice but to grab it. 

Thanks to domesticfits for sharing the recipe and the wonderful presentation of this cucumber cups.  I think this recipe would be a great addition to any party.  The ingredients are very basic and are readily available in your pantry.

Crab meats, green onions, long cucumber, cream cheese, sour cream and hot pepper sauce are all what you need to prepare the stuffing.  I think, crab meat could be replaced by shrimps, ground beef or steamed chicken.  Your choice.

I would love to try this one at home soon. :)

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