October 3, 2013

Hotel Services on Catalina Island

When people think of hotels, what comes to mind is probably a brief overnight stay in a neat and fairly sterile room. It’s a nice change of pace. But most people probably don’t think of all of the other services offered by places like Catalina Island’s Hotel Metropole. You can use these amenities for a brief getaway, but you can also use them for business interactions or conferences, as well as weddings.

A Luxurious Getaway

Many people can’t afford to escape to Hawaii on a regular basis. The great thing about living in Southern California is that you have an island just a couple of hours off the coast. You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars on airfare or take a week-long trip for an island vacation. When you take the ferry ride over to the island, you can visit for a day, or you can stay overnight. Hotel amenities vary according to your budget and your desires. You can stay in regular guest rooms, which offer full or partial ocean views, or courtyard, hillside, or driveway views. There are also mini suites available.

Business Trips

At some point you may have visited a hotel for a conference of some kind of a big company gathering. The same goes for an island hotel. There is a conference room available with audio-visual equipment for presentations. There’s also high-speed Internet for the convenience of the employees or clients. Catering services are also offered, which you may find useful depending on the length and time of your event. Should your conference break into different sessions, there are also breakout rooms available.

Wedding Events

That Hawaiian wedding and honeymoon may have been outside of your budget, but Catalina Island’s Hotel Metropole offers a luxurious beach house that you can use for an overnight stay. With a considerable amount of square footage as well as a king-sized bed and Jacuzzi bath, this could be a great place to stay overnight after your wedding. You may also want to look into packages that include spa treatments and dinner. Outdoor activities are another option for physically active newlyweds. Look into all of your hotel options, whether for a brief getaway, business event, or wedding. 

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