October 13, 2013

How I Will Remember Cambodia....

I am now on my last two days in Cambodia, a country which I considered my home for the past 6 years. To many, Cambodia maybe a picture of an underdeveloped country, a country that's far far behind from it's neighboring countries in South East Asia.  A country which only few people would dare to visit due to the absence of a well developed infrastructure, tall buildings, big malls, and all other attractions that tourists would always love to see.  I would admit, this was also how I picture Cambodia in my mind the first time I set foot on this foreign land.  But my impression of Cambodia has changed during my more than 6 years of continuous stay here.  I've found out that the country is more than just an underdeveloped country.  Contrary to what other people think and believe, the country is rich in natural resources.  If we are looking for a serene place far away from the bustling noise of the city, where our heart would rest in peace and quiet, then Cambodia is a perfect place to go.  

Those who love adventure and state of the art technology may not be able to relate to what I'm saying as I would describe Cambodia on a different perspective.  In this country, I've learned how to live a simple life, understand how Cambodians appreciate life after that traumatic Khmer Rouge.  Staying in this land had thought me a number of things and had enabled me to appreciate life more than ever.  Knowing how Cambodians suffered during the Khmer Rouge and how this created a big impact to the downfall of their country made me think that we are so blessed being Filipinos.  While we attack the Philippine government for not being able to provide a quality education and the best public schools in the country, I felt more privileged knowing that not all children here are able to attend a decent school.  I saw how people here live a simple life and yet, they are happy just the way they are.  They are warm, friendly and hospitable.

They love gatherings and they are very much attached to their traditions.  Contrary to what other people think, they had a lot to offer in terms of tourism.  They had the magnificent Angkor Wat, the beautiful beaches at Sihanoukville, the eye catching water falls and greenery and a number of temples which very well speak of their history.  They have a different kind of architecture when it comes to their public buildings which are usually French inspired.

How I will remember this country?  I will remember this country as a simple and happy place and a home to many Filipinos.  They maybe underdeveloped, but this country was able to give thousand of jobs not only to many Filipinos but to other nationalities as well.  It's good location and bountiful resources was able to attract many investors and had paved the way to the creation of more jobs for expats.

I will remember Cambodia to be a home to my many local friends, who in one way or another had inspired me to stay here and appreciate life, other people and culture.  Should I say that I began to appreciate the beauty of traveling and started dreaming of going to many places when I finally got here?

Cambodia will always have a soft spot in my heart.  I wish to be back here to visit Angkor Wat in the future with my family and I hope by then, I could see Cambodia to be more developed, more productive and more determined to recover from the bitter memories of the Khmer Rouge.

I've enjoyed my stay here and I never regret being a part of this beautiful country.

"Awkun Charan".   :)


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