October 28, 2013

Pop Rock Music

I wonder if anyone here is a fan of pop rock music?  I was really never into pop rock even during my younger years.  I just don't appreciate that kind of music but I don't have any qualms about those who love this kind of genre.  Each one of us has her own preference anyway. Since I never stay long in the Philippines for the past six years, I am not really updated into the kind of music that's now popular in the Philippines.  I happened to watch some local TV programs and was surprised that Yeng Constantino who was a a "Star Grand Dreamer" of Pinoy Dream Academy (a reality TV show) has gone too far as a recording artist.  Yeng became an instant favorite of the Pinoy Dream Academy's followers not only because she sings well but also because she can compose her own songs and plays guitar so well.  I think she is a former band member or vocalist.  She's now the country's one of the hottest pop rock singer.  I wonder if she was trained in martin cst 000x1ae electric guitar (lol). 

Her talent in music has brought her into great heights.  She has been a recipient of several awards and she is now a well acclaimed pop rock star.  Way to go Yeng!


  1. Hi nice reading your post...I also like her!

    1. Thanks for dropping by Cutella! I''m not really a fan of her but I love her original composition, 'hawak kamay". Hehe.


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