October 16, 2013

What You Can Do from and on a Yacht

How would you feel if you could spend a few hours on a yacht, living the good life? You can do that with boat rentals in Marina Del Rey. With the rentals, fabulous meals can be provided. Beverages can also be provided. The destinations you can go to are places you can get off the boat and take advantage of the food and nightlife on the islands, and then return to the boat to spend the night. Other trips are such that you don’t get off the boat, but you enjoy the beautiful water, the wildlife, and scenery that you will find all around the boat.

Island Fun

If you get off at one of the islands, you can go fishing, scuba diving, sailing, kayaking, biking, to spas, to museums, snorkeling, golfing, hiking, ocean rafting, food tasting, stargazing, on ecotours, on glass-bottom boat tours, on trolleys, on ghost tours, on Jeep tours, miniature golfing, to the movies, on Segway rentals, on walking tours, on wildlife observations, on ziplines, on flying fish tours, parasailing, and just have fun at the casino. You don’t have to do all of these in one trip; you can save some things to do on later trips.

Fun from the Boat

Staying on the boat has its perks too. There are dolphins, whales, and seals that are just waiting to entertain you that you will be able to see while you are on the boat. The boat can be anchored and you can have some fun on jet skis, or you can go snorkeling and view the beautiful underwater world. You can go deep sea fishing and catch some fish for eating on the boat or after you get home. Scuba diving is also something you can do from the boat, and they will have all of the gear you can need to have a great time. You can also charter boat rentals in Marina Del Rey for weddings, corporate events, holiday parties, celebrations, family reunions, and any other events that would be even better if held on a yacht. The sea breeze, the sun, the moon, the good company, and good food will combine to make for a wonderful time that will be remembered for years to come.

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  1. on a yacht?! why that would be a dream getaway for me, lol!



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