November 30, 2013

Vietnamese Banh Mi Sandwich

One of my favorite snack or merienda when I was still working at Cambodia and Vietnam boarder is the Banh Mi sandwich.  This is so popular in Cambodia and Vietnam that you can find it almost anywhere around the area.  However, I prefer the one from Vietnam as I guess, theirs is the original, anyway. :)  

Banh Mi is actually a term for Vietnamese Baguette This is actually a combination of  rice flour and wheat.  Banh Mi is usually stuffed with marinated pork and chicken, some pickled veggies like cucumbers, radish, onions and some herbs. 

I used to buy this before for VND20,000 or $1 and believe me it's so filling!  I love the aroma and the flavours of all the fillings. Super yummy!  I actually love most of the Vietnamese dishes especially their "pho" and Vietnamese spring rolls and one good thing about the Vietnamese foods is that, the price is really affordable.  

I actually love to try coming up with my own version of Banh Mi but I just wonder if my kids will like it especially my daughter who has more preference to western dishes. :)

November 27, 2013

Friend's Wedding

I was visited by hubby's colleague last Sunday.  She is on a vacation with her fiancee who happens to be a British national.  Actually, we haven't met before but hubby asked her to pay me a visit since I'm finally back home for good.  She actually came on dual purpose, that is to finally meet me and to pick up her orders from Krizza's Collection (my online shop).  He was with her fiancee and a cousin when she visited me.  It's nice to meet her and her future husband.

She asked me if I could be one of the principal sponsors on their wedding which I immediately agreed.  She sounds very excited about her forthcoming wedding.  In fact, they were here to look for the venue of the wedding.  She told me how excited she was to finally get married as she's old and single. :)  

She is actually looking for a possible design for her wedding gown and her fiancee has also expressed his desire to finally find the perfect wedding ring for the two of them.  They had already visited several shops and they are also eyeing for SK cobalt rings at

Their planned date for their wedding will be sometime in February of next year and I could see from their eyes how excited they are to finally tie the knot.  I am also excited as this is going to be my first time to be a principal sponsor in a wedding.  I wish them the best of luck and I'm sure that their wedding ceremony would be one of a kind.

Keep Moving

I chanced upon this quote online and I was inspired to share this here today. :)

I think this is indeed very true.  When I filed my resignation from work more than a month ago, one of the staff in the office asked me if I will not get bored at home.  I told her that I decided not to work elsewhere anymore and would be staying at home with the family and since they know for a fact that I was consistently employed for almost 20 years, she is wondering if I'm able to survive staying at home, doing nothing.  You see, I immediately got employed as soon as I graduated from college and remained working until last October 15.  She cannot imagine what would it be if I will just stay home.  I'm too young to retire (lol).  But, I told her that I won't be idle at all, in fact I will be busier at home since I have to manage the entire household, look after my two teenage kids and do some freelance works.  In fact, I am having business on the side plus I am still employed actually, but I have the privilege to work at home which is just perfect for me. :)

So going back to this quote, I guess it's really very true that we have to keep moving.  It is very important that we find something to do and it is also important that we do something that we truly enjoy. Life is full of surprises and in every surprise, there's always a challenge.  It is from these challenges that we find meaning in our lives, so to keep our life meaningful, we have to keep going and moving.  That's the essence of living and surviving.  There's no need to rush though, we can take one step at a time.  The most important thing is that we live a beautiful life.

November 26, 2013

Post-Treatment Steps: Recovery Resort and More

Having spent a month, several months, or even a year sober does not mean that the journey of sober living has ended. Once you have received treatment for the amount of time that professionals recommended for you, you still have a lot of work to do. Being fully conscious of your addiction, your temptations, and your areas of weakness are just part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Continue reading for more information on what to do in the recovery phase, such as visiting a place like Sherwood Hills Recovery Resort.

Find Sober Friends

One reason people fall back into their old habits is that they stay associated with fellow addicts. This often happens because addicts have lost their sober friends on the road that they’ve chosen, leaving them with few options: be friends with addicts, or be alone. The fact is that many people are on the same route as you. You can find people who are battling to stay sober. You can strengthen each other on the path of sober living as these friends can help you avoid the wrong situations. You can find sober friends by joining a support group and regularly attending meetings. Another aspect of this is to take the chance to help someone else. This is a good way for you to be accountable.

Therapy and Mental Health

One important aspect of treatment was the regular therapy and counseling that you received. Whether it was group or individual therapy, all of it was important for your recovery. It is important to prioritize and keep appointments with your therapists after you have left rehab. Doing healthy things for your mental health like exercise and goal-setting, or staying busy in general, is extremely important.

Change the Scenery

It can also be hard to return to your same residence after receiving help. If there are triggers, other addicts, or codependents at home, that’s not a healthy place for you to be. One option is to stay for a while at a place like Sherwood Hills Recovery Resort. A sober living environment can be a great transition for you instead of jumping right back in to regular life. These types of places can help you build new friendships and continue the pattern of mental health through therapy so that you can stay sober.

November 15, 2013

Christmas Shopping

I spent my first 3 weeks in the Philippines trying to fix every little thing in the house.  If you are frequenting this blog, then you may read in the past that I've been mentioning about the great flood that hit our city sometime last September and as a result, almost all of the entire city was submerged in water and some houses were even destroyed as water has gone up to as high as the roofs.  Our subdivision is also situated in a low lying area but because our house is elevated, the flood still get into the house but not as high as what others experienced.

The kids and our house helper have done everything to clean up and restore everything back in shape but I have done final touch up to ensure that everything gets organized the way it was before. I've thrown some old furniture which were damaged by the flood. I've asked someone to make custom made furniture for us to replace the old ones.  I did a lot of organizing and fixing for the past weeks and I'm pleased that everything is getting better now.  Inspecting my personal stuff, I was saddened by the fact that most of my treasured handbags and wallets which were all bought by hubby were likewise damaged.  In as much as I don't want to, I need to replace some as I badly needed these for my personal use.  Good to know that there are some lovely handbags and wallets available at Zalora.  I browsed through their site and discovered some great designs from Rebecca Minkoff collection.  Well, this brand maybe a little bit pricey for some, but I can vouch for the quality of these products as I happened to own one bag from their line before.  I might look for some gift items as well to complete my shopping list.

I think this handbag is lovely.  I love it's color. :)

and this wallet is my personal choice:

I need to prepare my Christmas shopping list soon and I am looking forward to get at least one nice bag and wallet from Rebecca Minkoff line to replace the worn out ones.  I hope hubby would understand that I've lost my personal handbags and wallets which he gifted to me due to the flood and that this happened beyond my control.

As a home maker, it is very important for me to prepare my Christmas shopping list early as I need to work on a budget.  Not only that, I also need to prepare my Christmas menu this early as I wanted our Christmas celebration this year to be truly especial as I was not always home for Christmas for the past six years. :)

Christmas is the most expensive season of the year but for me, it is the happiest ever.

November 14, 2013

Inspire All You Can Sale

I just want to give way to this advisory from OMF Lit about their ongoing nationwide book sale.  This will be for a good cause, that is to help the victims of super typhoon Yolanda, thus everyone is invited to participate and be a part of this campaign.

For the first time ever, OMF Lit Bookshops

Philippine Christian Bookstores all over the country will be having a joint Inspire-All-You-Can sale! From November 15-30, enjoy a 20% discount on OMF Lit published and distributed books at all OMF Lit Bookshops and PCBS branches nationwide!

But more importantly, all purchases you make at our OMF Lit Bookshops will help our brothers and sisters affected by Typhoon Yolanda. A portion of our sales from November 15 up to December 31 will go to relief efforts. You can also drop off your cash donations at any of our bookshops and we will make sure that they will reach those who are most in need of your help.

Inspire our loved ones, colleagues, classmates and even strangers through words that can challenge, encourage and change their lives.

Dental Office Services: Maintenance and Cosmetics

The appearance of your smile and the comfort of your mouth can do a lot to make you feel good and confident. Dentists offer you a lot of services to help you both maintain the health of your teeth and improve the appearance of your smile. Having a healthy and pleasing smile can increase your sense of self-confidence. Also, proper dental care will eliminate pain and discomfort in your mouth, allowing you to eat and drink without negative side effects from your mouth. Here are some of the standard maintenance and cosmetic services you can get at a dental office. For more specific information on dental services available to you from a dentist, you can visit a website like

Maintenance Services

Dentists recommend that you have your teeth cleaned regularly—at least once a year, but preferably once every six months. At a dental cleaning, you will get your teeth cleaned deeply in order to get rid of the plaque in the hard-to-reach areas of your mouth. At regular cleanings, your dentist will also identify any cavities, decay, or disease that may be present in your teeth or gums. Without regular checkups, decay may go unchecked and develop to a degree that requires extensive and expensive repair work. These regular exams allow your dentist to identify and get rid of any problems in your mouth earlier in order to save you money and work further down the road.

Cosmetic Services

You can also go to your dentist for cosmetic services to enhance dental appearance. One popular cosmetic service is teeth straightening. People who have crooked teeth will often invest in clear or traditional braces to straighten their teeth and increase their confidence in their smile. Your dentist can determine how extreme your case is in order to determine the best process for straightening. In addition, many people choose to have their teeth whitened in order to reverse the everyday effects of teeth yellowing. Teeth whitening, like straightening, can help you enhance your smile’s appearance, which can make you feel more confident about yourself. If you would like more information on specific services and procedures available from a dental office, you can visit a site like

November 11, 2013

Typhoon Yolanda Relief Operations

I am currently watching Kris TV and was very touched by the gesture shown by some volunteers who are currently at ABS-CBN warehouse packing some relief goods for the victims of typhoon Yolanda at Tacloban and Leyte.  The donations that Ms. Kris Aquino was able to secure from her advertisers like San Miguel, Procter and Gamble, Subamarino and CDO was also overwhelming.  These companies have donated thousands of cases of canned goods, bath soaps, mineral water, sacks of rice and other food products for the typhoon victims.  

What happened to the Philippines and to our countrymen at the Visayan region is not a thing to be happy about but the camaraderie, team work and selfless giving that we can witness from our other "kababayans" is truly admirable. 

I've been watching news updates from ABS-CBN daily and so far the aids received by the Philippine government and other NGO's from both local and foreign sources for the restoration and relief efforts at Tacloban and Leyte keeps on increasing and with these aids both in cash and kind, it is expected that the devastated areas will soon be back to normal.

Kudos to some movie personalities who also took part in sharing their blessings through public auctions, garage sale and various forms of fund raising campaigns.  The same can be said to some private individuals who share their time and whatever little thing they have for the victims.

"Every day may not be good but there is something good in everyday!"

November 8, 2013

DJ No More

My brother used to be a DJ.  I remember how great he was hopping from 1 discotheque to another as he got several assignments as a Disc Jockey.  He got a great voice thus he also had regular stints at a local radio station in the city.  He also do voice over for modelling shows in Japan.  He got a colorful life back then.  I used to visit him in the clubs and discotheques where he used to work and I'm quite fascinated how good he was in operating an exceptional thunderbolt audio interface.

Sometimes, I would invite my high school friends to the discotheque where he used to work and they are all praising his good voice and exceptional talent.  Now that he's gone old, he's no longer doing the same job. But I am sure that he will always remember those days that he was active in this field.  There's a lot of fun memories and great times that he had shared with his friends and colleagues which I'm pretty sure that he still treasure fondly in his heart.  I'm one proud sister!

November 1, 2013

Hobby Turns Into a Business

I have one revelation to make, one of my passions is baking.  I really love to bake and I want to be good at it.  Well, I'm not in the status yet of a good baker, but I will in due time (lol).   I would admit, I started with this hobby quite late as I am very busy with my job and very focused on my career for the longest time in my life.  When I was still in Cambodia, I encouraged my kids to study baking during their summer break and asked them to purchase baking supplies and equipment.  They too, loved the idea and immediately started learning how to bake.  It did not take long for them to learn the craft and I'm glad that they are enjoying this as a hobby.  They started baking few samples:

Some of their friends who tasted the baked goodies loved the taste and the designs and soon after, they started to receive orders.

Now that I'm finally home for good, I am now baking with the kids. :)  It was very fulfilling especially if your customers loved what you've baked for them.

Now, I would say that our hobby has now turned into business and it's very rewarding, as when you do what you like, you don't feel like working but just doing things for fun and self fulfillment. :)

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