November 8, 2013

DJ No More

My brother used to be a DJ.  I remember how great he was hopping from 1 discotheque to another as he got several assignments as a Disc Jockey.  He got a great voice thus he also had regular stints at a local radio station in the city.  He also do voice over for modelling shows in Japan.  He got a colorful life back then.  I used to visit him in the clubs and discotheques where he used to work and I'm quite fascinated how good he was in operating an exceptional thunderbolt audio interface.

Sometimes, I would invite my high school friends to the discotheque where he used to work and they are all praising his good voice and exceptional talent.  Now that he's gone old, he's no longer doing the same job. But I am sure that he will always remember those days that he was active in this field.  There's a lot of fun memories and great times that he had shared with his friends and colleagues which I'm pretty sure that he still treasure fondly in his heart.  I'm one proud sister!

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