November 27, 2013

Friend's Wedding

I was visited by hubby's colleague last Sunday.  She is on a vacation with her fiancee who happens to be a British national.  Actually, we haven't met before but hubby asked her to pay me a visit since I'm finally back home for good.  She actually came on dual purpose, that is to finally meet me and to pick up her orders from Krizza's Collection (my online shop).  He was with her fiancee and a cousin when she visited me.  It's nice to meet her and her future husband.

She asked me if I could be one of the principal sponsors on their wedding which I immediately agreed.  She sounds very excited about her forthcoming wedding.  In fact, they were here to look for the venue of the wedding.  She told me how excited she was to finally get married as she's old and single. :)  

She is actually looking for a possible design for her wedding gown and her fiancee has also expressed his desire to finally find the perfect wedding ring for the two of them.  They had already visited several shops and they are also eyeing for SK cobalt rings at

Their planned date for their wedding will be sometime in February of next year and I could see from their eyes how excited they are to finally tie the knot.  I am also excited as this is going to be my first time to be a principal sponsor in a wedding.  I wish them the best of luck and I'm sure that their wedding ceremony would be one of a kind.

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