November 27, 2013

Keep Moving

I chanced upon this quote online and I was inspired to share this here today. :)

I think this is indeed very true.  When I filed my resignation from work more than a month ago, one of the staff in the office asked me if I will not get bored at home.  I told her that I decided not to work elsewhere anymore and would be staying at home with the family and since they know for a fact that I was consistently employed for almost 20 years, she is wondering if I'm able to survive staying at home, doing nothing.  You see, I immediately got employed as soon as I graduated from college and remained working until last October 15.  She cannot imagine what would it be if I will just stay home.  I'm too young to retire (lol).  But, I told her that I won't be idle at all, in fact I will be busier at home since I have to manage the entire household, look after my two teenage kids and do some freelance works.  In fact, I am having business on the side plus I am still employed actually, but I have the privilege to work at home which is just perfect for me. :)

So going back to this quote, I guess it's really very true that we have to keep moving.  It is very important that we find something to do and it is also important that we do something that we truly enjoy. Life is full of surprises and in every surprise, there's always a challenge.  It is from these challenges that we find meaning in our lives, so to keep our life meaningful, we have to keep going and moving.  That's the essence of living and surviving.  There's no need to rush though, we can take one step at a time.  The most important thing is that we live a beautiful life.

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