November 26, 2013

Post-Treatment Steps: Recovery Resort and More

Having spent a month, several months, or even a year sober does not mean that the journey of sober living has ended. Once you have received treatment for the amount of time that professionals recommended for you, you still have a lot of work to do. Being fully conscious of your addiction, your temptations, and your areas of weakness are just part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Continue reading for more information on what to do in the recovery phase, such as visiting a place like Sherwood Hills Recovery Resort.

Find Sober Friends

One reason people fall back into their old habits is that they stay associated with fellow addicts. This often happens because addicts have lost their sober friends on the road that they’ve chosen, leaving them with few options: be friends with addicts, or be alone. The fact is that many people are on the same route as you. You can find people who are battling to stay sober. You can strengthen each other on the path of sober living as these friends can help you avoid the wrong situations. You can find sober friends by joining a support group and regularly attending meetings. Another aspect of this is to take the chance to help someone else. This is a good way for you to be accountable.

Therapy and Mental Health

One important aspect of treatment was the regular therapy and counseling that you received. Whether it was group or individual therapy, all of it was important for your recovery. It is important to prioritize and keep appointments with your therapists after you have left rehab. Doing healthy things for your mental health like exercise and goal-setting, or staying busy in general, is extremely important.

Change the Scenery

It can also be hard to return to your same residence after receiving help. If there are triggers, other addicts, or codependents at home, that’s not a healthy place for you to be. One option is to stay for a while at a place like Sherwood Hills Recovery Resort. A sober living environment can be a great transition for you instead of jumping right back in to regular life. These types of places can help you build new friendships and continue the pattern of mental health through therapy so that you can stay sober.

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