November 30, 2013

Vietnamese Banh Mi Sandwich

One of my favorite snack or merienda when I was still working at Cambodia and Vietnam boarder is the Banh Mi sandwich.  This is so popular in Cambodia and Vietnam that you can find it almost anywhere around the area.  However, I prefer the one from Vietnam as I guess, theirs is the original, anyway. :)  

Banh Mi is actually a term for Vietnamese Baguette This is actually a combination of  rice flour and wheat.  Banh Mi is usually stuffed with marinated pork and chicken, some pickled veggies like cucumbers, radish, onions and some herbs. 

I used to buy this before for VND20,000 or $1 and believe me it's so filling!  I love the aroma and the flavours of all the fillings. Super yummy!  I actually love most of the Vietnamese dishes especially their "pho" and Vietnamese spring rolls and one good thing about the Vietnamese foods is that, the price is really affordable.  

I actually love to try coming up with my own version of Banh Mi but I just wonder if my kids will like it especially my daughter who has more preference to western dishes. :)

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