December 6, 2013

A Day At Immaculate Concepcion Church at Chantaburi Thailand

It was not long ago since my last visit to Chantaburi Thailand and every time I visit the place, I would always take time to drop by at the one and only Catholic church in this province of Thailand. Immaculate Concepcion Church though is considered the biggest Catholic church in the whole of Thailand and it was very fortunate for me that it is located in Chantaburi which is just an hour ride from where I worked in Cambodia.  I'm staying at the boarder so Chantaburi is very accessible to us.

I paid a visit to this church once again even though I've already visited it last time because that time, I am already thinking of resigning from my job and go back home to the Philippines for good.  I am not sure whether that would be my last visit to the church though as in case we go back to Thailand, we're probably just stay in Bangkok or perhaps in Phuket.  But I will always have good memories of this very big and beautiful church.

I took this time to offer a prayer for my loved ones and to thank the Lord for all the good things and happy memories that I've got during my more than 6 years of stay in Cambodia.  I may not have the "perfect life" during the entire period of my stay there but I still considered it a blessing as I've met a lot of  people and some of them even became my good friends.  I was able to earn and provide for the comfort of my family and I was able to save and invest for the family's future.  It's not a s big and grand as what others aim for but for me, I had enough. :)

I will always remember this church and this nice province of Thailand.

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