December 14, 2013

At Home With Lucio and Marcus

Remember our first shih-tzu pet Lucio? He is the first shih-tzu pet in the house which I bought for my daughter Mika Ella.  Mika was able to acquire her pet after a long time of non stop requests from me.  I would admit, I don't want to have one at first since I do not welcome the idea of putting too much effort in looking after this pet.  I've heard that having one in the house is tantamount to having another baby in the house.  Indeed, this is true.  It seemed that we have adopted another baby in the house (lol).  A year after and to my surprise, I've found another one male shih-tzu in the house when I get back home to spend my long leave.  My son told me that his friend in school gifted him with another shih-tzu pup which my daughter later named Marcus.

At first, I was really worried about having two pets in the house.  I am a person who loves to clean and organized and it seemed that this couldn't be achieved with two cute little pets running around the house. 

But these two are so adorable that the difficulty brought about by looking after them was replaced with "sheer joy".  We've learned to treat them as members of the family and they are always a part of our everyday life in the house.  As a matter of fact, even my husband fell in love with them and treats them as his own children (lol).

Now, I would say that our bonding time in the house always includes spending time with them.  In fact, now that I'm already a WAHM, these two are the ones who keep me company everyday.

Dogs are truly man's best friends. :)

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