December 17, 2013

Glad to be a Woman

Despite of the many difficulties a woman is facing.  I am still very glad that I am a woman.  No doubt that being a woman, we expect so many challenges in our daily lives and being a wife and a mother is perhaps the most challenging one.  I would admit, I'm not a perfect woman!  I have so many flaws and I sometimes arrived at wrong decisions in life which I later on regretted but I also believe that there is no perfect life but we could fill it with perfect moments.

When I was a kid, I always tell myself that I'm going to be a righteous woman, a perfect model, a perfect me!  But boy, I was still a kid that time, I don't know anything.   I thought that life is so simple, uncomplicated.  But I was wrong. Life is full of difficulties, of challenges, of trials and hardships but on the process, I've also learned that what makes my life meaningful as a woman is not keeping it perfect but being able to stand firm and whole despite of whatever trials, challenges, mistakes and failures that I have experienced.  

I know God promised me a good life but He never promised me a smooth road, so it's up for me to enjoy both pains and sorrows, happiness and triumphs in search for a good and happy life. :)  That makes my life more colorful.

With that I feel even more blessed.  :)

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