December 26, 2013

Handicapped Musician

On our way to the mall yesterday, we've heard a good soothing voice singing Christmas carols,  Since, it is very crowded that time, I could hardly see who's singing.  My daughter told me that the one singing was a blind man along the walkway.  He is equipped with a very old and basic sound system and a harmonica. I'm sure that he is not using best blues harmonicas but the sound of his voice is good enough to entertain the by passers.  He's doing this for a living I know but I admire him that he doesn't simply ask for alms despite his disability.  He made use of his talent to entertain people and he gets some donations from those who felt happy with his songs.

Christmas is truly about giving and sharing and this simple joy of helping others who are in need always brings that joyful feeling.  

1 comment:

  1. i also see some blind musicians in some malls in Cubao. they really create lovely music..

    kimmy came here!


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