December 4, 2013

Have Faith!

I've seen this quote a number of times in the past and until this very day, it never fails to convince me that this is indeed very true.  Most of us had undergone defeats and failures in our lives in one way or another and when we're going through this stage, there is a big tendency for us to feel that it is already the end of the world as well as our lives.  I myself had been guilty of this a number of times in the past.  I'm a person who's having a difficulty coping up with heart breaks, be it due to relationships, family or work.  Whenever I am confronted with a situation, I always feel that I'm all alone and helpless.  I would lock up myself in a room and cry in pain but I'm glad that I've survived everything from my past.  As what others used to say, time heals all wounds.  This is very true.  Sometimes, when you think about what happened in the past, you'll just smile and asked yourself, how are you able to have gone through all these difficulties in your life.

"If God is taking something out of your life, it is to make room for something better"

I have proven this many times in my life.  I always have that strong faith in God because God always directs me to perform everything according to His will.  Sometimes, we may lose track of ourselves but God is always there to remind us to stop and redirect our path to what is good and right.

At this point in my life, I am very thankful to God for everything that He has done for me.  I may not be a perfect me as I've also done something wrong with my life but God has always been good to me. So whenever I pray for something and I didn't get it, I know that God is preparing something bigger and better for me. :)

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