December 3, 2013

Keeping your Bikes Safe

I've been to most public places here in the Philippines and in some other countries in South East Asia but I haven't seen any facility provided for bikes.  In Vietnam, motorbikes are the most commonly used means of transportation and you can find thousands of these on main roads.  I got a culture shock the first time I set foot in Vietnam as I couldn't even cross the road for almost an hour due to heavy traffic.  Believe me, motorists wouldn't give way to pedestrians and you have to find your way to cross the street.  I remembered myself crossing the street together with the locals.  I simply mixed with them whenever they cross the road, so it would be easy for me, otherwise, I will be stuck there the whole day.  As motorbikes are widely used there, it is therefore very easy to find parking spaces for motorbikes on public buildings and private establishments.

I think, it is a good idea for some private establishments to also provide bike shelters as there are also other people who love to use bikes when going around the city.  An ideal bike shelter should be equipped with a proper roof covering and several slots to accommodate as many bikes as possible. I've seen lots of nice designs online and this can very well fit on any parking space.  

Bike shelters come in a variety of designs and materials and the most common ones are made with galvanized materials while the roofs are mostly made up of polycarbonate panels. A bike storage shed can be very useful to the bike owners as these can protect their bikes from too much sun exposure which could damage their bikes.  While some establishments provide bike racks, bike owners would surely prefer their bikes to be properly parked and stored.  Beside this, a bike shelter installed in any parking space would give additional benefits and privilege to clients of certain business establishments and will also make the place more appealing to the general public.  This could also create an impression that the business owners are caring enough for them and this can push them to become loyal visitors or customers.

I think it is not so costly to have these bike shelters installed as these are normally durable and could last for up to 10 years when properly maintained.

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