December 26, 2013

Vegetables Benefits According to Color

I grabbed this photo from FB as I would to share it here in this blog.  I've mentioned earlier that one of my new year's resolution would be to pay more attention to my health.  Not that I am not really doing it now, it's just that I want to level up. I am already gifted with a fast metabolism, the reason why I'm always on my ideal weight.  I am very happy and feel so lucky to have a fast metabolism as it really helps me to have a slim figure and healthy body.  For next year, I am planning to increase my intake of fruits and raw veggies in the form of salads.  I also plan of taking green smoothies everyday.  I am not sure if I could make it but I am really hoping to fulfill my plans.  As for the exercise, I think home exercise would do as I am not really idle. Maybe I could take my jumping rope out of my drawer again for some simple daily exercises.  It's also good that I get to do some household chores.  Though I have a house helper at home, I am still hands on when it comes to maintaining our home sweet home, so I think that's also a good form of exercise for me as I get to move most parts of my body when cleaning. :)

Going back to the chart above, it's also best to educate ourselves on what forms of health benefits we could derive from certain vegetable groups, so we could make sure that we're getting all the minerals and nutrients that we need on a daily basis.  Each color of vegetables presents certain nutritional benefits which is essential in maintaining our optimum health.

I really hope that I could make it. :)

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  1. I do love veggies. Thanks for sharing this infographic.

    Allan (


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